About U.S. Paralympics

Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S. Paralympics, a division of the non-profit United States Olympic Committee, is dedicated to becoming the world leader in the Paralympic Movement and promoting excellence in the lives of people with Paralympic-eligible impairments, including physical disabilities and visual impairments. The mission statement of the USOC: 

To support U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes in achieving sustained competitive excellence while demonstrating the values of the Olympic Movement, thereby inspiring all Americans.

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Since its formation in 2001, U.S. Paralympics has been inspiring Americans to achieve their dreams. Through relationships with hundreds of organizations across the country including National Governing Bodies/High Performance Management Organizations and Paralympic Sport Clubs, U.S. Paralympics is making a difference in the lives of thousands of people with physical and visual disabilities every day with educational opportunities and sports programming.

While grassroots programming is an area of emphasis for U.S. Paralympics, the organization is also the National Paralympic Committee in the United States, as recognized by the International Paralympic Committee, and is responsible for elite sports programming including sending a U.S. Paralympic Team to the Paralympic Games. U.S. Paralympics operates as the NGB/HPMO for six sports: alpine skiing, cycling, Nordic skiing (biathlon and cross-country skiing), snowboarding, swimming and track and field.

Addressing an urgent need

Today, there are more than 21 million Americans with a physical disability, many who are eligible to compete in Paralympic sport. Over the past decade, thousands of military personnel have sustained serious injuries during active duty tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Research shows that daily physical activity enhances not only and individual's self-esteem and peer relationships but also results in increased achievement and better health, enabling a higher quality of life. However, despite these findings, most individuals with Paralympic-eligible impairments do not have the opportunity to participate in any regular sports activity.

U.S. Paralympics is working hard to address this national issue with programming from grassroots through the Games. To find local opportunities to participate in sport or to volunteer, visit FindAClub.USParalympics.org.  

Grassroots to the Games

U.S. Paralympics is not once every four years, it is every day.

Behind extensive programming at the local, regional and national level, U.S. Paralympics helps connect youth and adults who have Paralympic-eligible impairments, including wounded, ill and injured service members and veterans, to organizations that offer adaptive sports opportunities from grassroots to the Paralympic Games. Year round, we sponsor on-going programs along with camps, clinics and competitions to prepare athletes for their moment on the world stage.

What’s your path to the podium? From Alaska to Florida, no matter where you are, we have an opportunity for you to explore your potential.

Paralympic Sport Clubs

U.S. Paralympics supports Paralympic Sport Clubs, a network of community-based organizations that provide programming to athletes at the local level from California to the Carolinas and everywhere in between. Paralympic Sport Clubs regularly team-up with U.S. Paralympics and our national partners and sponsors to provide Paralympic sports programming everywhere from able-bodied competitions to school playgrounds.

By supporting Paralympic Sport Clubs with resources including coaching education and program development courses, U.S. Paralympics and it’s National Governing Bodies/High Performance Management Organizations have helped increase the availability of sport programming for Americans with physical and visual disabilities. Find your local opportunity now at FindAClub.USParalympics.org.

Gateway to Gold

Is your dream to wear red, white and blue? Gateway to Gold is your chance to make that happen.

Launched in 2013, Gateway to Gold is a nationwide talent identification and development program that introduces Americans with Paralympic-eligible impairments to Paralympic sport and leads them to the athlete pipeline for the U.S. Paralympic Team.

As a cornerstone of Gateway to Gold, U.S. Paralympics and its community partners, including National Governing Bodies/High Performance Management Organizations and Paralympic Sport Clubs, are hosting introduction to sport and talent identification events throughout the country. Gateway to Gold could be your first step toward the podium so find an event now at GatewaytoGold.org.