FAQ about the Warrior Games

Can I attend the Warrior Games?

Yes, games/competitions are free and open to the public. However, the Opening and Ceremony are invitation-only and closed to the general public.

How do I get to the sport venues at the United States Air Force Academy?

With the exception of cycling, the sporting competitions at the Air Force Academy are in the area of the Cadet Fieldhouse and Gymnasium.  There is ample parking in the area of the Cadet Fieldhouse.  Enter through the north gate of the US Air Force Academy (USAFA).  See the USAFA Athletic Department map for detailed instructions on getting to the parking area as well as a diagram to find the location of the competition events. 

How do I get to Falcon Stadium for the cycling event?

Academy visitors can enter through the North Gate of USAFA and then turn left onto Stadium Boulevard by the B-52 display. Anyone driving onto the USAFA grounds will need to present a valid driver's license. Spectators need to be at the stadium before 11:30 a.m. as portions of Stadium Boulevard will be closed at that time for the cycling event. The Falcon Stadium driving directions will shows the most direct route to the Stadium. The second page shows the alternate route if you arrive after a portion of Stadium Boulevard closes for the cycling competition. 

Will I need military identification to enter the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA)?

No, the sports venues at USAFA are open to the general public. Visitors need to enter through the North Gate and possess a valid driver’s license.  Please note that visitors who do not possess a valid military ID must enter through the North Gate.

Are any of the Warrior Games events at the Olympic Training Center this year?

The shooting competition will be held at the OTC Shooting Center as well as other select games for sitting volleyball and wheelchair basketball. The shooting competition has very limited room for spectators.  Due to construction, there is limited parking available at the OTC. The OTC directions  document offers some basic directions to the OTC and lists the competition locations on the complex.

Can I bring my own food and drinks to the Warrior Games events?

No.  Warrior Games events at USAFA venues will abide by the standard facility use rules and entry procedures.   For security reasons the Cadet Gym and Cadet Field House/Clune Arena do not allow outside food or drink into the facility.  For a complete listing of the entrance policies, please see Cadet Gymnasium Entrance Policy and Cadet Field House Entrance Policy.  The Track & Field and Cycling events are outdoors and have a more relaxed policy regarding outside food and drink.

Will there be food available for purchase at the sporting events for spectators? 

Absolutely! There will be a variety of food available for spectators during the Warrior Games. The USAFA concession stand in Clune Arena will be open during most of the competition hours.  You will also be able to find several other regular event food vendors in and around the athletic venues.