U.S. Paralympians on their Thanksgiving plans

By Jamie M. Blanchard | Nov. 25, 2013, 3 p.m. (ET)
Megan Fisher
With multiple world championships to her credit in para-cycling and paratriathlon, Megan Fisher heads home to Missoula, Mont., for Thanksgiving.

With three days until Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, USParalympics.org asked some of the nation's top Paralympic athletes to talk about everything Thanksgiving, including where they are spending the holiday this year. Stay tuned throughout the week for more Thanksgiving chatter with U.S. Paralympians and hopefuls. 

Monday's question

How are you spending Thanksgiving?

Lindsay Ball, alpine skiing
“I am spending Thanksgiving with my parents, my grandparents on my mother's side and my aunt.” 

Jeff Fabry, archery
“This Thanksgiving will be the start of a new Fabry Family tradition. We had Thanksgiving dinner the Sunday before and are now in Hawaii to spend the rest of our Thanksgiving Holiday.  A lot of firsts for this new tradition. This is my children’s’ first plane ride and my first vacation without taking my bow, which is only fourteen years in the making.   The idea came to life after the ESPY Awards and we received a two night stay at the Disneyland Resort. Thinking that I have no time for an actual vacation, my wife Crystal came up with the idea to use the gift certificate during Thanksgiving. Why not? My only trip to Hawaii was last November for a training camp with Navy Safe Harbor but it was all archery for me, didn't get a chance to do anything other than a white knuckle ride around the Island, courtesy of an old friend.”

Megan Fisher, cycling and triathlon
“I will be in Missoula, Montana, celebrating and giving thanks with my wife and close family friends.  We have shared the past five Thanksgivings together.” 

Lee Ford, archery
“I will be with my husband, John, daughter Shelby and my sister and her husband.”

Josh George, track and field
“I will be spending Thanksgiving at my parents' house in Virginia. Thanksgiving is always spent with my mom's side of the family and almost everyone will be there this year. My aunt, uncle and cousin will be down from New York and my sister will be in from Philadelphia to join my grandparents, parents, brother, dog and myself."

Tanner Gers, track and field
“I am spending Thanksgiving with my close family at my parent’s house and then later Thanksgiving at my wife’s sister’s house. It is going to be nice as my parent’s usually host a large gathering, but this year should be much more intimate. My brother, his wife and my niece are spending their first Thanksgiving with us since moving back here to Arizona this past winter from Atlanta. My other sister in-law claims one sobrina and two sobrinos of mine and will definitely be having some of her family members swing by.” 

Cortney Jordan, swimming
“I recently moved to Baltimore for training purposes and to go to grad school in the coming fall so I will be in Maryland. I live with another Paralympian and a wonderful friend Jessica Long. Her family lives in Baltimore, so I will be joining them for part of the day, but I am also celebrating with my amazing coach, Brian Loeffler, and his family.”

Kevin McKee, sled hockey
“I am spending thanksgiving at my girlfriend’s family party this year because my family lives in Iowa. It is too far to travel since I leave the next day for the World Sledge hockey challenge in Toronto Canada.”

Augusto Perez, Nordic skiing
“I will be in Montana training cross-country skiing with a couple of teammates.” 

Jenny Sichel, rowing
“I will be spending Thanksgiving my grandma’s house in Clifton, New Jersey, and will be celebrating with my parents, my brother and his partner, my aunt, uncle, cousin and my grandmother.  There may be a few other surprise relatives that show up out of the woodwork too.”

Ian Silverman, swimming 
“I’ll be spending Thanksgiving at my grandparent’s home.  My whole family gathers there every year.”