To shop or not to shop? U.S. Paralympians weigh-in on Black Friday

By Jamie M. Blanchard | Nov. 23, 2012, 11 a.m. (ET)

With Thanksgiving a day behind us, asked some of the nation's top Paralympic athletes to talk about everything Thanksgiving, including Black Friday. Check out our coverage from earlier in the week for more Thanksgiving chatter with U.S. Paralympians and hopefuls. 

Friday's question

Will you be shopping on Black Friday?

Victoria Arlen, swimming
“I love shopping so I would love to shop on Black Friday but I don't know if I'll be able to. I may do some online shopping but I don't think you'll find me out at midnight ready to shop. But who knows? We shall see. I'm excited for Friday though because my teammate and best friend Cortney Jordan will be coming to visit me for the weekend so we might do some shopping then.”

Cat Bouwkamp, wheelchair fencing
“I've talked with my friends about going Black Friday shopping but I think we're all a bit scared and/or too lazy to go.”

Steve Cash, sled hockey
“The only way I will be shopping on Black Friday is if there are sales on hockey equipment that I just cannot live without. But chances are I will utilize those extra few hours of sleep.”

Kelly Crowley, para-cycling
“I have developed a tradition of, basically, being a hermit the entire weekend. In the days before Thanksgiving, I always check to be sure we have enough coffee and fresh produce in the house to get us through the weekend without having to go anywhere near anything retail. So, yes, everyone who's getting something from me this year had better like hand-embroidered pet portraits.”

Ryan Estep, wheelchair fencing
“I don’t really ever go shopping. All of the women in the family make a big deal out of Black Friday while all the men go hunting. Just to let you know about my shopping habits, I have not bought any new clothes in three years. I ask for jeans every now and then and my mom picks me up a few pairs. I just wear all of the fencing stuff that sponsors give me. Money would be great but then I would have to go shopping to buy clothes with it so I don’t complain too much.”

Lex Gillette, track and field
“I've been shopping on this day for years. Since 1992 when I lost my sight, all of my Fridays have been black.”

Emmy Kaiser, wheelchair tennis
“Of course. The decision for when is up to my mother though. I usually ask her the night before where she is planning on going and when she is leaving so I know what ads to look at and what time to set my alarm for. Bright and early, let the chaos begin.”

Taylor Lipsett, sled hockey
“Unfortunately, I have to work the day after Thanksgiving, so I will leave Black Friday shopping to my wife.”

Angela Madsen, track and field
“I am not a shopper.”

J. Dee Marinko, sitting volleyball
“No, and I never have. There are way tpo many crazy people out on Black Friday. I have heard the stories. I wait as long as I can before I go and get my shopping done. I am out there with all the other husbands, scrambling around hoping to get everything on the list.”

Asya Miller, goalball
“I will not be shopping on Black Friday.”

Kerri Morgan, track and field
“Oh no. I stay away from the stores on Black Friday. It is too crazy for me, although I am an avid shopper and I will spending the holiday with my mom, who is also an avid shopper.  I am sure we will hit stores at some point over the weekend but probably not Black Friday.”

Greta Neimanas, para-cycling
“Definitely not! There is nothing I need or want that is worth the stress of Black Friday shopping.”

Justin Zook, swimming
“I will be coaching on Black Friday so no shopping for me.”