How are U.S. Paralympians celebrating Thanksgiving?

By Jamie M. Blanchard | Nov. 19, 2012, 11 a.m. (ET)
Catherine Bouwkamp Cat Bouwkamp, shown fencing at the London 2012 Paralympic Games, is celebrating Thanksgiving with her parents in Indiana.

With three days until Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, asked some of the nation's top Paralympic athletes to talk about everything Thanksgiving, including where they are spending the holiday this year. Stay tuned throughout the week for more Thanksgiving chatter with U.S. Paralympians and hopefuls. 

Monday's question

How are you celebrating Thanksgiving?

Victoria Arlen, swimming
“I will be spending Thanksgiving with my family and dear friends at my family's new home in New Hampshire. We moved there shortly before I left for London. This year, we will have a packed house. I'm so excited and blessed to be able to spend time with all the people I love.”

Cat Bouwkamp, wheelchair fencing
“I'm spending Thanksgiving at home in Indiana with my mom and dad. We visit my grandma and all the aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews in town the day before.”

Steve Cash, sled hockey
“I will be spending Thanksgiving with my family at my grandparents’ home. It has been a tradition within our family ever since I could remember.”

Kelly Crowley, para-cycling
“I'll spend the morning with the local cycling community, either riding in or volunteering at the Low-Key Hill Climb Series. It's a Turkey Day classic: Mt. Hamilton. Then I will go have dinner with my family.”

Ryan Estep, wheelchair fencing
“I’ll be spending Thanksgiving at my uncle’s house in Louisiana with about 20 family members.”

Lex Gillette, track and field
“I'm going to be spending my Thanksgiving in La Grange, N.C. I'm going to be celebrating with my grandma. She has to work on Thanksgiving so I'm going to hang out at her house and sneak away slices of sweet potato pie until she comes home for dinner.”

Emmy Kaiser, wheelchair tennis
“I am going back home to Northern Kentucky for Thanksgiving to celebrate with my immediate family, my mother's side of the family, and hopefully my boyfriend if he can come from way out of town for the weekend.”

Taylor Lipsett, sled hockey
“I will be spending Thanksgiving in Dallas, and will be splitting the day between celebrating with my family at lunch time and then celebrating with my wife’s family for dinner.”

Angela Madsen, track and field
“This year, I’m celebrating Thanksgiving at [vice president of RowofLife] Debra Moeller’s mom’s in Bakersfield, Calif. We’re gonna have to surf before we go there.” 

J. Dee Marinko, sitting volleyball
“I have a big family so it is going to be fun to get to see them all this Thanksgiving. First, I’ll venture off to my mother’s house with my wife and our three kids to celebrate with my mom, sister and cousins for lots of food.  Then it is off to have dinner with my dad and the rest of my family, my brothers and nephew, so that will be fun.  Between seeing my family we are going to have another stop to see my mother-in-law and eat some more. After that, we are going to head to my father-in-laws out in the panhandle of Texas to catch up with all of my wife's family.  It is going to be a busy couple of days but well worth all the travel.”

Asya Miller, goalball
“I’m spending Thanksgiving in Portland, Ore., with a local teammate and her family.”

Kerri Morgan, track and field
"I’ll be spending Thanksgiving in Orange County, Calif., with my parents, aunt, uncle and cousins.”

Greta Neimanas, para-cycling
“This year, I’m spending the Thanksgiving holiday with one of my best friends and his family in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It should be a lot of fun.”

Justin Zook, swimming
“I’m celebrating Thanksgiving down in Florida with my parents.”