Swimming closes Warrior Games presented by Deloitte

By Ros Dumlao | May 05, 2012, 11:07 p.m. (ET)

COLORADO SPRING, Colo. – On Saturday, Navy Lieutenant Brad Snyder made a name for himself.

Snyder, who lost his vision in combat, clocked 34.19 seconds in the men’s 50-meter backstroke open, which is the fifth fastest time in the world for swimmers with physical disabilities.

“I’m not really at a place in training where I’d be setting top times, so to be able to do that in this stage of the Games is really reassuring,” said Snyder, who will compete at the U.S. Paralympic Trials - Swimming in June for a spot on Team USA.

He also won gold in all four of his events – 50m backstroke open, 50m freestyle open, 100m freestyle open and 200m freestyle combined relay – in the final day of competition at the 2012 Warrior Games presented by Deloitte.

Snyder led the Navy/Coast Guard to the most medals in the swimming events – 10 gold, three silver and two bronze – held at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo.

“It was a great exclamation mark on the whole Warrior Games for the Navy to demolish that final relay,” said Snyder, whose team won the relay by about 15 seconds. “If we didn’t do well in the water, people would ask questions.”

The Marines added 21 medals in swimming and earned the Chairman’s Cup for the third straight year.

The visiting British Armed Forces displayed its talent in swimming by winning four exhibition gold medals.

Captain David Henson took gold in the 50m and 100m freestyle in dominating fashion, by about 4 seconds and 14 seconds, respectively.

Fellow teammate and Captain Simon Maxwell won the 50m and 100m freestyle by about 2 seconds and 8 seconds, respectively.

Marine Captain Jonathan Disbro was awarded the Ultimate Champion for the second consecutive year.

“My favorite part of the whole event was watching my teammates win their events,” Disbro said. “That’s what made me happy. So this is just icing on the cake for me.”