Marines on target as they sweep archery golds at Warrior Games

By Ros Dumlao | May 02, 2012, 10 p.m. (ET)

Medal Count
As of May 2

Air Force – 1S, 2B
Army – 2G, 5S, 3B
Marines – 6G, 3S, 3B
Navy/Coast Guard – 1B
SOCOM – 1G, 1B

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - After hitting his target dead center, Justin Jones’ next shot couldn’t be more perfect.

The Marine Corporal followed up by shooting an arrow through his own arrow, referred to as a “Robinhood”, in the preliminary round, and he went onto to win the gold in the individual compound category with 106 points on Wednesday in the 2012 Warrior Games presented by Deloitte.

“I was at sixth and had to climb all the way to the top; just goes to show you to never quit and to shoot your hardest at the time, and that’s what I did,” Jones said.

The Marines swept the rest of the archery field, winning both team compound and recurve events, with 168 and 152 points, respectively. Sergeant Daniel Govier also added to the Marines’ medal count by taking gold in the individual recurve, scoring 102 points.

“To me, winning as a team feels a lot better because you’re sharing it with more people,” Jones said.

The Navy/Coast Guard grabbed its first medal with a bronze in the team recurve, marking the team’s first medal earned in this week’s competition.

“Being a female and being considered TBI (traumatic brain injury), (Warrior Games) is a different way to look at everything because you don’t see as many people that are just TBI’s,” said Navy/Coast Guard Culinary Specialist Seaman Judi Boyce, who helped her team take bronze. “The Warrior Games show that there are more than just amputees out there in the military that are trying to do things that aren’t easy for them to do anymore.”

Competition continues tonight with wheelchair basketball and sitting volleyball. With those events as well as shooting, swimming and track and field still undecided, the Marines lead the Chairman's Cup standings with 12 points from 12 medal winning performances in archery and cycling while Army is second with 10 points from 10 medals. Air Force and SOCOM are tied for third with 2.86 points from two medals. Navy/Coast Guard has one medal and 1.43 points. 

Here are the results for Wednesday’s Archery events:

Individual Compound:

Justin Jones (Marines) – Gold medal
Fred Prince (Army) – Silver medal
Mark O’Brien (Marines) – Bronze medal

Individual Recurve:

Daniel Govier (Marines) – Gold medal
Kinga Kiss-Johnson (Army) – Silver medal
Than Naing (Marines) – Bronze medal

Team Compound:

Marines – Gold medal
Army – Silver medal
Air Force – Bronze medal

Team Recurve:

Marines – Gold medal
Army – Silver medal
Navy/Coast Guard – Bronze medal

Competition continues through Saturday. All events are free and open to the public.