Warrior Games conclude with crowning of Ultimate Champion & Chairman's Cup winners

May 15, 2010, 1:30 a.m. (ET)
The Warrior Games presented by Deloitte concluded Friday with the swimming and track & field events.  The end of this five-day competition for injured, ill and wounded service members also saw the awarding of the Ultimate Champion and Chairman's Cup awards.
Navy's Dan Hathorn took the Ultimate Champion crown while the Marine Corps claimed the Chairman's Cup as the top performing service branch.
Day 5 Results
Track & Field ( Air Force Academy, Outdoor Track)


Women's 100m - UBI/BK/PTSD: Gold - Brittany Cosom (Army); Silver - Jennifer Stone (Air Force); Bronze - Christine Griffin (Army)


Women's 1500m - UBI/BK/PTSD: Gold - Lorianne Flippo (Army); Silver - Stacy Pearsall (Air Force); Brittany Cosom (Army)


Women's Shot Put - Seated: Gold - Monica Southall (Army); Silver - Kimberly Bradshaw (Air Force); Bronze - Seyward McKinney (Army)


Women's Shot Put - Standing: Gold - Jennifer Stone (Air Force); Silver - Melanie Monts De Oca (Navy); Bronze - Lilina Benning (Army)


Men's 100m - PTSD: Gold - Jeffrey "Scott" Martin (Marines); Silver - Brandon Longe (Army); Bronze - Chris Trebus (Marines)


Men's 100m - BK: Gold - Rashaun McDowell (Army); Silver - Elmer (Matt) Sanders (Air Force); Bronze - Robert Brown (Army)


Men's 100m - UBI: Gold - Brandon Pelletier (Marines); Silver - Michael Pride (Marines); Bronze - Filipe Hill (Army)


Men's 100m - TBI: Gold - Robert Nuss (Army) ; Silver - Jeremiah Luttmer (Army); Bronze - Michael Badman (Army)


Men's 100m - AK: Gold - Joseph Frank (Navy); Silver - William Gibson (Marines)


Men's 200m - UBI: Gold - Brandon Pelletier (Marines); Silver - Jose Gonzales (Marines); Bronze - Michael Pride (Marines)


Men's 200m - PTSD: Gold - Robert Tanverdi (Air Force); Silver - Kingsley Dike (Army)


Men's 200m - BK/SCI: Gold - Elmer "Matt" Sanders (Air Force); Silver - Jonathan Holsey (Army); Bronze - Uriel Urias (Army)


Men's 400m - BK: Gold - Elmer "Matt" Sanders (Air Force); Silver - Michael Johnston (Navy); Bronze - Jonathan Holsey (Army)


Men's 400m - TBI/PTSD: Gold - Landon Ranker (Army); Silver - Chris Trebus (Marines); Bronze - David Regan (Army)


Men's 400m - UBI: Gold - Jose Gonzales (Marines); Silver - Michael Kacer (Army); Bronze - Jack Lowder (Marines)


Men's 1500m - TBI/PTSD: Gold - Christopher D'Angelo (Air Force); Silver - Jeff Mortin (Marines); Bronze - Robert Nuss (Army)


Men's 1500m - LBI/BK/AK: Gold - Jon Disbro (Marines); Silver - Angel Barcenas (Marines); Bronze - Robert Brown (Army)


Men's 1500m - SCI: Gold - Robert Beach (Marines); Silver - Jason Morgan (Air Force); Bronze - Michael Savicki (Navy)


Men's 1500m - UBI: Gold - Daniel Hathorn (Navy); Silver - Jose Gonzales (Marines); Bronze - Michael Sanders (Air Force)


Men's Shot Put - Standing: Gold - Joseph Tarkett (Marines); Silver - Jessie White (Army); Bronze - Christopher Helton (Army)


Men's Shot Put - Seated: Gold - Dennis Ndaanee (Marines); Silver - Travis Greene (Marines); Bronze - Marcus Wilson (Marines)


Men's Discus Throw - Seated: Gold - Dennis Ndaanee (Marines); Silver - Marcus Wilson (Marines); Bronze - Rick Pollock (Air Force)


Men's Discus Throw - Standing: Gold - Christopher Helton (Army); Silver - Craig Smith (Army); Bronze - Ricardo Bengochea (Marines)


Swimming (OTC, Aquatics Center)


Men 50 Meter Freestyle LBI: 1, Foidel, Cayle, ARMY, 30.57. 2, Paar, Trevor, NAVY, 34.69. 3, Brown, Robert, ARMY, 34.87


Men 50 Meter Freestyle UBI A/E: 1, Hathorn, Daniel, NAVY, 31.06. 2, Griffith, Kenny, ARMY, 39.25. 3, De La Cruz, Zachary, ARMY, 39.43.


Men 50 Meter Freestyle UBI B/E: 1, Pelletier, Brandon, USMC, 32.42. 2, Mitchell, Trevor, ARMY, 35.29. 3, Bridges, Robert, USMC, 37.87.


Men 50 Meter Freestyle TBI/Stroke/CP: 1, Sibayan, Gavin, ARMY, 30.08. 2, Wess, Justin, USMC, 31.33. 3, Krebs, James, USMC, 34.15.


Men 50 Meter Freestyle SCI: 1, Esposito, Marc, AF, 30.21. 2, McLawhorn, Jonathan, ARMY, 32.50. 3, Lara, Sergio, ARMY, 41.88.


Men 50 Meter Freestyle PTSD: 1, McDaniel, Josh, USMC, 32.61. 2, Iazzetta, Christopher, USMC, 34.21. 3, Martin, Scott, USMC, 36.89.


Women 50 Meter Freestyle LBI/SCI: 1, Monts de Oca, Melanie, NAVY, 45.75. 2, Renaud, Rachelle, ARMY, 47.50. 3, Griffin, Christine, ARMY, 56.87.


Women 50 Meter Freestyle UBI A/E and B/E: 1, Hutchins, Brittney, USMC, 52.38. 2, Herrera, Angel, ARMY, 54.70.


Women 50 Meter Freestyle TBI/Stroke/CP/PTSD: 1, McCartney, Randi, ARMY, 34.18. 2, Morelli, Shawn, ARMY, 41.92. 3, Layko, Erin, ARMY, 45.98.


Men 50 Meter Breaststroke LBI: 1, Cheramine, Mathew, USMC, 47.39.


Men 50 Meter Breaststroke UBI A/E B/E and SCI: 1, Bridges, Robert, USMC, 53.77.


Men 50 Meter Breaststroke TBI/Stroke/CP/PTSD: 1, Hafertepen, Nick, USMC, 38.55. 2, Ranker, Landon, ARMY, 38.92.


Women 50 Meter Backstroke LBI UBI A/E & B/E: 1, Monts de Oca, Melanie, NAVY, 56.98. 2, Griffin, Christine, ARMY, 58.20. 3, Herrera, Angel, ARMY, 1:00.69.


Women 50 Meter Backstroke TBI/Stoke/CP/PTSD: 1, McCartney, Randi, ARMY, 42.48. 2, Morelli, Shawn, ARMY, 53.82. 3, Layko, Erin, ARMY, 1:00.44.


Women 50 Meter Backstroke SCI: 1, Goldy-Sanitate, Jeannie, AIR FORCE, 1:09.53.


Men 100 Meter Freestyle LBI: 1, Foidel, Cayle, ARMY, 1:11.45. 2, Green, Jordan, NAVY, 1:18.17. 3, McGuire, Ryan, AF, 1:21.13.


Men 100 Meter Freestyle UBI A/E and B/E: 1, Mitchell, Trevor, ARMY, 1:31.69. 2, De La Cruz, Zachary, ARMY, 1:41.79. 3, Johnson, Nick, USMC, 1:45.35. 4, Orslene, Damian, AF, 1:47.20.


Men 100 Meter Freestyle TBI/Stroke/CP: 1, Sibayan, Gavin, ARMY, 1:10.49. 2, Hafertepen, Nick, USMC, 1:11.27. 3, Krebs, James, USMC, 1:19.64.


Men 100 Meter Freestyle SCI: 1, Beach, Robert, USMC, 2:34.73. 2, Lowe, Joseph, USMC, 2:36.98.


Men 100 Meter Freestyle PTSD: 1, Tanverdi, Adam, AF, 1:12.22. 2, McDaniel, Josh, USMC, 1:17.01. 3, Iazzetta, Christopher, USMC, 1:20.81.


Men 50 Meter Backstroke LBI: 1, McGuire, Ryan, AF, 51.32. 2, Vojtas, Kyle, ARMY, 54.22. 3, Schag, Jese, USMC, 57.65.


Men 50 Meter Backstroke UBI/SCI A/E B/E: 1, Mitchell, Trevor, ARMY, 47.09. 2, Martin, Justin, USMC, 57.88. 3, Dewalt, Nathan, NAVY, 1:48.46.


Men 50 Meter Backstroke TBI/Stroke/CP/PTSD: 1, Sibayan, Gavin, ARMY, 41.83. 2, Krebs, James, USMC, 1:00.79. 3, Schoenheit, Sammuel, USMC, 1:10.40.


Mixed 200 Meter Freestyle Relay: 1, Army 'A' 2:03.46. 2, Marines 'A' 2:05.46. 3, Navy 'A' 2:11.61.

Day 5 Flash Quotes

Reflections on the Warrior Games . . .


Brigadier General Gary H. Cheek, Commanding General, Warrior Transition Command:

"I saw the fighting spirit of the US military in full force this week at the Warrior Games. The athletes celebrated their abilities over their disabilities, embraced their talents and achieved greatness. I was honored to share this experience with these incredible athletes."


Charlie Huebner, Chief of Paralympics, U.S. Olympic Committee:

"These past five days have had an incredible impact on the athletes and ignited a spark in them all. But, what's more important, is that they're living active lives in their communities the other 360 days of the year with access to sport and recreation opportunities year-round."


Joe Aldaz, Rocky Mountain USO president:


"When we first got involved in planning the Warrior Games, it was about ability over disability, physical and emotional fitness and support for
our wounded, ill and injured troops. Throughout this week, I've seen disability disappear as soldier, sailor, airman and Coast Guardsman cheer each other on.

"We have been a part of something special, something that was beyond any of our wildest dreams and we have made history in the best way possible with America coming together to support her bravest citizens. The bar has been set, only to be surpassed at the second annual Warrior Games."


Rashaun McDowell (Army) - 100m track gold medalist:


"Overall, it's been a blast competing here at the Games. It's a blessing I'm here competing for the Army and with all my brothers and sisters in arms. We're also very grateful for the support of the U.S. Olympic Committee and others have given us. It's an opportunity of a lifetime."


Dennis Ndaanee (Marines) - Double gold medalist in discus and shot put:


"It's an awesome feeling being amongst my fellow injured men and women. It's a huge motivator to be here and see folks just like me doing great things. Without the support of all our sponsors, we wouldn't be here. Thank you for all you've done."


Marc Esposito (Air Force) - Triple Warrior Games medalist, including two gold:


"The Warrior Games are a great tool to help facilitate recovery and motivation. These Games are a new battlefield where no one is getting hurt and we come back stronger. You have to be motivated to get better because medicine can only help so much."

Ultimate Champion Finals Standings
The Navy's Dan Hathorn (Ithaca, N.Y.) won the title of Ultimate Champion Friday besting 17 other servicemen in a pentathlon-style competition at the inaugural Warrior Games. Hathorn used wins in the 1,500-meter run and 50-meter swim and earned a point in the 100-meter dash to out-distance the Army's Robert Nuss and Rob Brown. The Ultimate Champion events included air rifle, 50m freestyle swim, 100m sprint, 1500m run and shot put to decide the Warrior Games' top athlete.

Ultimate Champion Final Standings
Daniel Hathorn - Navy, 11 pts
Robert Nuss - Army, 10 pts
Rob Brown - Army, 9 pts
Kenny Griffith - Army, 8 pts
Jon Disbro - Marines, 8 pts
Scott Martin - Marines, 8 pts
Rashaun McDowell, Army, 7 pts
Angel Barcenas - Marines, 6 pts
David Bratton - Army, 5 pts
Brandon Longe - Army, 4 pts
Matthew Bilancia - Air Force, 4 pts
Robert Laux - Army, 3 pts
Joseph Frank - Navy, 2 pts
Roy Halvorsen - Army, 2 pts
Andrew Johnson - Navy, 1 pts
William "Bill" DeRoche - Marines, 0 pts
William Gibson - Marines, 0 pts
Ricky Tackett - Air Force, 0 pts

Chairman's Cup Final Standings

Marines - 53 medals, 106 points
Air Force - 20 medals, 80 points
Army - 68 medals, 68 points
Navy - 12 medals, 48 points