Competition begins at Warrior Games

May 12, 2010, 2:52 a.m. (ET)

On the first day of Warrior Games competition, the Marines served notice that they’ll be a formidable challenge in the race to the Chairman’s Cup with two victories in sitting volleyball and two lopsided wins on the hardwood in wheelchair basketball.  Backed by a boisterous cheering section at both venues on the grounds of the Olympic Training Center, the Marines triumphed over the Army in two consecutive victories in volleyball, and found little resistance in basketball with 55- and 27-point victories over the Air Force and Army, respectively.   

Despite easing to victory, the Marines were challenged early by Army in the second game of wheelchair basketball.  Up three at the half, the Marines fired out of the second half on a 20-2 run to seal their second victory on the evening. 

“All I told them to do was what they’re capable of doing,” said Billy Demby, Marine head coach. “I got angry with them and told them that the score shouldn’t have been anywhere where it was.  I told them to make their shots and that’s it.”  

Scores from the first day of competition are as follows:

Sitting Volleyball (OTC, SportsCenter II)
Marines def Army 2, 2-0 (25-11, 25-8)
Air Force def Army 1, 2-0 (27-25, 25-16)
Marines def Army 3, 2-0 (25-7, 30-28)
Army 2 def Navy, 2-0 (25-22, 25-13)
Army 1 def Marine 2, Forfeit
Army 4 def Marine 2, Forfeit

Wheelchair Basketball (OTC, SportsCenter I)
Army 15, Navy 10
Marines 68, Air Force 13
Marines 45, Army 18
Air Force 22, Navy 18

Day 2 Flash Quotes
Brig. Gen. Gary Cheek, head of the Army’s Warrior Transition Command

On what he saw from the Warrior Games on the first day of competition. . .   

“There was a great competitive spirit here today. In any sport it’s great to see service members fighting and competing for their branch.  I enjoyed the atmosphere and this was an amazing event [sitting volleyball] to start the week.”

Billy Demby, Marine Basketball Coach

On what he saw from the Warrior Games on the first day of competition. . .   

“I think it this event is great and it is very much needed.  I think with this, the guys will leave the hospital and go home and be a good member of society and I think this will help them not only be physically able but mentally able as well, so I think all this plays a part.”

Ryan McGuire (Air Force)

The captain of the Air Force sitting volleyball team on Tuesday’s win against Army . . .

“We were really excited to compete in these inaugural Games.  This was our first event and the games were close.  By winning, it really boosts our confidence to win the rest.”

Jesse Shag (Marines)

Marine sitting volleyball player on Tuesday’s two victories  . . .

“We played great.  It was a team effort.  The crowd support was awesome and we couldn’t ask for better first round wins.  We’re definitely excited for our future games.” 

Day 3 Preview

Poor weather has moved into the Colorado Springs area forcing the archery competition indoors to the Olympic Training Center in SportsCenter I as the sport debuts Wednesday at the inaugural Warrior Games along with the start of the swimming competition.   The first Warrior Games medals will be handed out in archery with finals taking place at 1130 hrs. followed later in the day with the bronze-medal game in wheelchair basketball at 1930 hrs.   

Wednesday’s complete competition schedule is as follows:

Archery (OTC, SportsCenter I) – 0900 – 1230 hrs. – Qualification & Medal Rounds

Swimming (OTC, Aquatics Center) – 1400 – 1530 hrs.
50m freestyle (m/w)
50m breaststroke (m)
50m backstroke (w)
100m freestyle (m)
Mixed 200m relay

Volleyball (OTC, SportsCenter II)
Air Force vs. Army 4 – 1600 hrs (Gym 1)
Navy vs. Army 3 – 1600 hrs (Gym 2)
Army 1 vs. Army 4 – 1700 hrs (Gym 1)
Army 2 vs. Army 3 – 1700 hrs (Gym 2)
Marine 2 vs. Air Force – 1800 hrs (Gym 1)
Marine 1 vs. Navy – 1800 hrs (Gym 2)

Basketball (OTC, SportsCenter I)
Army vs. Air Force– 1800 hrs (Court 1)
Marines vs. Navy – 1800 hrs (Court 2)
Bronze Medal Game (Seed 3 vs. 4) – 1930 hrs (Court 1)