Klebl, Bascio finish on top

Jan. 07, 2010, 12:08 p.m. (ET)

ANCHORAGE (Jan. 6) - Chris Klebl (Heber City, UT) and Monica Bascio (Evergreen, CO) ended the ConocoPhillips U.S. Adaptive Cros Country Championships on a high note, winning the final race of the series. Sean Halsted (Ephrata, WA) and Andy Soule (Pearland, TX) rounded out the men's podium.

The U.S. Adaptive Cross Country Team lucked out following the able bodied athletes in Wednesday's race. Conditions were tough for the first race, due to snow fall making for soft snow and messy track.

"It was a good day. It snowed prior to our race and quite a bit during the able bodied competition," said Head Adaptive Cross Country Coach Greg Rawlings. "It was soft soft conditions out on the track but good for us following the able bodied classic skiers."

Klebl had a successful 2010 U.S. Championships, winning two of the three races. An illness kept Klebl out of the sprint race. Halsted and Soule also ended a solid series of races stepping on the podium in second and third. Greg Mallory (Portland, OR) joined his teammates in the top five, after skiing a respective race.

"They skied well. Greg had some technical difficulties but he skied well, said Rawlings. Percentage wise, they are doing well. We know that Andy and Chris are skiing well on the World stage and Sean and Greg are skiing well too, so that's nice."

In the women's sit-ski classification, Bascio tallied her third victory of the U.S. Adaptive Champs. Bascio, the only female competitor, showed mental strength motivating herself through the course.

"She's basically racing the clock. There are percentages we use," explained Rawlings. "We know how Chris compared to the top women on the World Cup Circuit percentage wise. Since it is the same course, we can kind of correlate that and give her a result on how she would have done on the world stage."

Coaches use a system of percentages to compare the U.S. Adaptive Cross Country Team athletes to the rest of the world. These percentages allow coaches and athletes to track their progress and see when necessary changes need to be made.

The U.S. Adaptive Cross Country Team has a few weeks of training camps and clinics before heading to Europe for the World Cup at the end of January.

"It was a good day, the organizers did well," said Rawlings. "We were lucky we didn't go first because it sounded like it was a big mess. When we came out it was great skiing conditions."

ConocoPhillips U.S. Adaptive Cross Country Championships
January 6, 2010
Middle Distance

Men's 10K

1. Chris Klebl, Heber City, UT, 31:24.00
2. Sean Halsted, Ephrata, WA, 32:17.40
3. Andy Soule, Pearland, TX, 33:06.90
4. Dominic Monypenny, Australia, 33:16.70
5. Greg Mallory, Portland, OR, 40:10.70
6. Ken LaCome, Questa, NM, 43.57.20
7. Eric Frazier, Jacksonville, NC, 53:07.10

Women's 5K

1. Monica Bascio, Evergreen, CO, 21:40.00