Matt Scott Blog - Greetings from Istanbul

March 16, 2009, 11:48 a.m. (ET)
Hello again! I can't believe it's almost been six months since I arrived in Istanbul. A lot of things  I thought to be bizarre or different when I first entered the country have become second nature, and the unknown has become familiar.  Everything  from the food to the language is becoming less foreign to me everyday. Don't get me wrong I still butcher the language and try to stick to common phrases but hey, you have to start somewhere!

Since we have returned from the break we have had a couple games both against worthy opponents and I can feel us growing as a team. European Championships are coming very soon and I'm very eager to begin our quest for the cup! It seems as if time is standing still right now. I think I am looking forward to that tournament so much that it appears that it will never come. A wise man told me "Life is a game of inches" and I couldn't agree more. With that being said it gives me the oppurtunity to enjoy every possible moment this experience has to offer. I don't want to take anything  for granted so I attempt to make the best of any situation here. I'm not so much stopping to smell the roses, but collecting them to take a sniff later. I will have time to look back at all of the amazing things that have occured since arriving but for now there are too many goals left to accomplish for me to be satisfied with what's already been accomplished.

Speaking of accomplishments, we were invited to an awards dinner last week to recognize us as team of the year. The awards were put on by one of Turkey's most famous newspapers and the best athletes and teams in the country were honored. It is a great feeling to be recognized for our accomplishments, but even better feeling knowing the caliber of teams this country produces in various sports and that we are respected throughout the country for being great athletes. The event was phenomenal and very well organized. We all received some pretty nice individual trophies. In fact I thought it was so nice I clumsily dropped it on the sidewalk after barely having it 20 minutes!

Everyone who reads these whether we are aquainted or not I really appreciate it. No experience is greater than an experience you can share with the people who support you. I hope you continue to support me through this experience. As European Championships approach I will keep you updated on my progress.