2009 Invacare World Team Cup

July 30, 2009, 5:55 p.m. (ET)

In 2009 the Invacare World Team Cup marks its 25th Anniversary when Nottingham, Great Britain, hosts the ITF's flagship annual wheelchair tennis team event for the third time.

Daily recaps and photo galleries are being posted on the U.S. Tennis Association Web site.

2009 United States Invacare World Team Cup Coaches and Staff
Head and Men's Coach-Dan James
Women's Coach-Paul Walker
Quad Coach-Jason Harnett
Junior Coach-Keri Preng
Manager-Jeremiah Yolkut
Trainer-John Finley

2009 United States Invacare World Team Cup Athletes
Men's Team
Paul Moran
John Becker
Zach Beaulieu

Women's Team
Emmy Kaiser
Dana Mathewson
Hope Lewellen

Quad Team
David Wagner
Nick Taylor
Bryan Barten

Junior Team
Dylan Levine
Mackenzie Soldan
Ryan Nelson