Victor Aces GS in La Molina

Jan. 15, 2009, 6:50 p.m. (ET)
LaMOLINA SPAIN (Jan. 13) - The U.S. Adaptive Alpine Ski Team's Stephani Victor (sit-ski; Park City, UT) and Laurie Stephens (sit-ski; Wenham, MA) captured the podium again, finishing first and second, respectively, in the second World Cup giant slalom of the season in La Molina Tuesday.

"I am really excited about today’s victory especially in giant slalom on the women’s FIS World Cup race hill," Victor said. "I am looking forward to another great day of racing tomorrow in slalom. My last GS World Cup win was in Aspen in 2007 and I hope this win is a sign of a great season to come."

Victor had a great second run to take the first place with a combined time of 2:30.64 and Stephens came in with a combined time of 2:32.90, edging out Aoki Tatsuko of Japan by more than a second.

According to Victor, who's had her 15th career World Cup Victory and third career giant slalom World Cup victory, listening to coaching advice and focusing helped her secure the win.

"My focus was to execute specific direction of the U.S. coaches and apply all the tools I have learned from them in training. It’s such a mental game and to clear the blocks and lay down two fast runs down the fall line," Victor said. "There is no greater feeling than to have all that you have worked on come together in a race. The U.S. coaching staff has been outstanding in giving me everything I need to win."

Both of the sitting female sitting skiers were on top of their game with Allison Jones (standing; Colorado Springs, CO) leading the way in 10th.

In the men's sit-ski division Carl Burnett (sit-ski; Winter Park, CO) placed 15th with a combined time of 2:28.48. Tyler Walker (sit-ski; Franconia, NH) came in 18th with a time of 2:29.04 and Erik Bayindirli (sit-ski; Deer Mountain, UT) finished in 24th with a time of 2:35.27.

"This is a big time hill for our athletes, similar to Aspen , great terrain from top to bottom, it demands that you are on top of your game. Anything less than perfection and you will be back in the pack," U.S. Adaptive Alpine Head Coach Ray Watkins said. "Stephanie and Laurie always have good competition between the two of them. When one of them makes a mistake, the other one is right there to capitalize on it. The entire staff is thrilled for them and we are all excited for tomorrows slalom race."

The U.S. Adaptive Ski Team will compete in a slalom Wednesday.

La Molina, Spain - Jan, 13, 2009
Giant Slalom

Men's sit-ski
1. Taiaki Morii, Japan, 2:13.81
2. Martin Braxenthaler, Germany, 2:14.91
3. Takeshi Suzuki, Japan, 2:15.63
4. Christoph Kunz, Switzerland, 2:18.01
5. Shannon Dallas, Australia, 2:18.07
15. Carl Burnett, Winter Park, CO, 2:28.48
18. Tyler Walker, Franconia, NH, 2:29.04
24. Erik Bayindirli, Deer Mountain, UT, 2:35.27

Men's standing
1. Vincent Gauthier-Manuel, France, 2:13.55
2. Michael Bruegger, Switzerland, 2:13.75
3. Gerd Schoenfelder, Germany, 2:14.30
4. Cameron Rahls-Rahbula, Australia, 2:14.48
5. Thomas Pfyl, Switzerland, 2:14.50

Women's sit-ski
1. Stephani Victor, Park City, UT, 2:30.64
2. Laurie Stephens, Wenham, MA, 2:32.90
3. Tatsuko Aoki, Japan, 2:33.92
4. Claudia Loesch, Austria, 2:36.62
5. Kuniko Obinata, Japan, 2:47.00

Woman's standing
1. Lauren Woolstencroft, Canada, 2:15.02
2. Andrea Rothfuss, Germany, 2:20.45
3. Danja Haslacher, Austria, 2:28.05
4. Petra Smarzova, Slovakia, 2:29.51
5. Iveta Chlebakova, Slovakia, 2:29.75
11. Allison Jones, Colorado Springs, CO, 2:36.57