Matt Scott Blog - The Wait is Over

April 28, 2009, 6:05 p.m. (ET)

I could not be more excited about the following sentence. I am leaving for European championships tommorrow! This major competition is what our team has been focused on for months, and it has finally arrived.

It is an eight team tournament, and each will be hungry to capture such a prestigous championship. It is certainly a huge accomplishment to be named the best team in europe because of the high level the teams perform, and this year's European championship is packed full of some of the world's best wheelchair basketball players.

Not only is this my first European championship tournament, I have also never been to Germany before so this will be a great experience all around. Seeing a new and unfamiliar place in the world and also playing in one of the most important tournaments in our sport.

Even with all the great teams participating I believe we will have the biggest targets on our back being  the defending champions. That is extremely motivating knowing that each team will look to perform its very best against us and makes for great games. We are a very confident team and that translates on the court with everyone's play.

We are also nearly finished with the Turkish league games as well, and with the win in our previous match we clinched the number one rank in the league. The last month or so have been mostly away games so that has given me the chance to see alot more of Turkey and experience what it is like in cities other than Instanbul. I have certainly seen some amazing things during my travels in Turkey. Going to cities like Adana, Izmir, Cyprus ect.

The road trips also give the team a chance to bond, and be around each other off the court more often.  The team gets along great and it has been a joy all year be apart of it. Not everyone on the team speaks the same language but we all communicate very well and have great laughs. I miss home an awful lot these days but when the season is over I will miss my teammates and treasure this season.

We have done lots to prepare for the moment and I will be doing my part to bring success to the team. This weekend has been highly anticipated and can't wait to get started! Wish us luck. Results will come very soon.