2008 PARALYMPIC GAMES: U.S. Swimmers Set the Stage for Gold Medals

Sept. 13, 2008, 12:14 a.m. (ET)

Sept. 13, 2008

BEIJING, China - On day seven of competition at the National Aquatics Center, the American men came out strong with two world records in the preliminary rounds. Jarrett Perry (Colorado Springs, Colo./Wichita, Kan.) set a world record (1:03.47) in the men's 100m backstroke (S9) and Justin Zook (Plymouth, Minn.) set a world record (1:01.15) in the men's 100m backstroke (S10)

"It was really good, easy swim for me and I know I'll have to go a lot faster tonight," said Perry, who is defending his title from Athens (2004). "I know this is one of my best events. It's the one I really came here to win. I'm going to do everything I can and whoever wins is obviously the better competitor."

"I was out a little slower than I thought but this morning was a good swim," said Zook. "I plan to be a lot faster tonight."

Also ranked in the top three going into finals is Erin Popovich (Fort Collins, Colo./Silverbow, Mont.) in the women's 50m butterfly (S7.) Going after her fifth gold of the Beijing Paralympic Games, the U.S. women's co-captain will be challenged by Min Huang (CHN), who broke the world record in prelims with a time of 34.60, 4.11 seconds ahead of Popovich.

After Saturday morning's preliminary rounds, 14 U.S. athletes advance to the finals, including:

17:06 Men's 100m Backstroke (S12) - Tucker Dupree (Raleigh, N.C.) - 1:04.14 (4)

17:16 Women's 50m Butterfly (S6) - Miranda Uhl (Alachua, Fla.) - 43.98 (7)

17:16 Women's 50m Butterfly (S6) -Casey Johnson (Cypress, Calif.) - 43.99 (8)

17:37 Men's 50m Butterfly (S7) - Lantz Lamback (Colorado Springs, Colo./Augusta, Ga.) - 33.83 (7)

17:42 Women's 50m Butterfly (S7) - Erin Popovich (Fort Collins, Colo./Silverbow, Mont.) - 38.71 (2)

18:03 Men's 100m Backstroke (S9) - Jarrett Perry (Colorado Springs, Colo./Wichita, Kan.) - 1:03.47 (1, WR)

18:03 Men's 100m Backstroke (S9) - Michael Prout (West Springfield, Mass.) - 1:08.72 (6)

18:03 Men's 100m Backstroke (S9) - Cody Bureau (Colorado Springs, Colo./Latrobe, Pa.) - 1:06.42 (4)

18:08 Women's 100m Backstroke (S9) - Elizabeth Stone (Grand Rapids, Mich.) - 1:13.52 (4)

18:29 Men's 100m Backstroke (S10) - Justin Zook (Plymouth, Minn.) - 1:01.15 (1, WR)

18:34 Women's 100m Backstroke (S10) - Susan Beth Scott (Colorado Springs, Colo./Cape Girardeau, Mo.) - 1:14.09 (4)

19:00 Men's 50m Freestyle (S2) - Curtis Lovejoy (Atlanta, Ga.) - 1:14.22 (5)

19:21 Men's 50m Freestyle (S3) - Michael DeMarco (San Diego, Calif.) - 1:00.69 (8)

19:26 Women's 50m Freestyle (S3) - Beth Kolbe (Tiffin, Ohio) - 1:11.69 (6)

Additional results from Saturday preliminary rounds:

Men's 100m Backstroke (S11) - Philip Scholz (Mt. Sinai, N.Y.) - 1:20.46 (13)

Women's 50m Butterfly (S7) - Cortney Jordan (Henderson, Nev.) - 44.94 (10)

Women's 50m Butterfly (S7) - Deb Gruen (Hamden, Conn.) - 49.19 (13)


"I mainly wanted to go out and get a good swim in, be confident and have speed for tonight. I feel really strong. It's going to be a very tough race tonight. I just have to bring everything I can to the race."


"I'm feeling pretty good about the morning swim. I'm going to get some good rest and hopefully it will be even better tonight."


"This morning I pushed him [teammate Jarrett Perry] in the first 50 [meters]. It was great being right there with him for the race."


"I felt good. It's great for a morning swim. The competition is tough. I'm just going to go out and do my best."


"I found a little better groove this morning. Tonight I will go all out. The competition is getting tougher. The world record I had is nowhere near the records now. That challenges me to work harder to get them again."

For complete swimming results, visit http://results.beijing2008.cn/WRMP/ENG/Schedule/SW.shtml.

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