2008 PARALYMPIC GAMES: U.S. Track & Field Team Adds Two More Medals to Total; Galli & McFadden Win Silver

Sept. 12, 2008, 11:56 a.m. (ET)

BEIJING, China - For Jessica Galli (Savoy, Ill./Hillsborough, N.J.), her third Paralympic Games has been a charm. Today Galli earned her second medal of the competition - silver - in the women's 100m (T53) and set a new personal best time in the event - 16.88.

"This is the most successful Paralympics I've ever had," said Galli, who also won gold in the 400m two days earlier. "I came into this race knowing my competition was going to be really strong after her [gold medalist - Lisha Huang, China] time in the semifinals yesterday. I was hoping if she went fast, I would, too. I was very happy to win silver."

Anjali Forber-Pratt (Natick, Mass.) finished sixth in the event with a time of 17.99.

"It was a fast race, but it was exciting," said Forber-Pratt. "Today just wasn't my day and that's okay. It's exciting to see the world record broken and have a new sprinter on the scene, it's going to raise the level of competition in our class."

After getting off to a rough start in the women's 100m competition on Wednesday, Tatyana McFadden (Clarksville, Md.) redeemed herself tonight in the women's 400m final (T54), winning the silver medal and setting a new personal best - 53.49.

"My mental strategy was that I knew I didn't have a good 100m the other night, so I had to let that go," said McFadden. "I told myself that this [400m] is my race and I was really focused. I look at this competition as though I'm climbing the Great Wall; I'm half way up and have two events to go. I plan to finish strong."

Steve Toyoji (Tucson, Ariz.) finished in seventh in the men's 400m final (T52) in 1:05.41. After his race, he remarked on his experience at his first Paralympic Games.

"This is the biggest rush I've had in my life - with my family being here and the screaming crowd," said Toyoji. "I expected the Games to be big, but never this big; they're everything I imagined and more. The Chinese have been so hospitable, it's amazing."

Additional U.S. Results

  • Men's 200m (T54)/prelim - Erik Hightower (Glendale, Ariz.) - 26.15 (13)
  • Men's Triple Jump (T11)/final - Elexis Gillette (Raleigh, N.C.) - 12.19m (5)
  • Men's Javelin (T42/44)/final - Jeff Skiba (Chula Vista, Calif./Sammamish, Wash.) - 51.46m, 944 points (5)
• Men's 800m (T54)/semifinal - Tyler Byers (Washington, D.C.) - 1:41.00 (6/heat 2), Tony Iniguez (Aurora, Ill.) - 1:37.30 (9/heat 1)

Competition Schedule - Saturday, September 13
Session One
9:10 Men's 100m (T13)/prelim - Royal Mitchell (Chula Vista, Calif./Ridgeland, S.C.)
10:26 Men's 200m (T44)/prelim - Danny Andrews (Tucson, Ariz.), Jim Bob Bizzell (Abilene, Texas), Casey Tibbs (San Diego, Calif.)
11:11 Women's 200m (T37)/prelim - Sabra Hawkes (Rockport, Mass.)
12:31 Men's 200m (T53)/prelim - Josh George (Champaign, Ill.)

Session Two
17:00 Women's Javelin (F33/34/52/53)/final - Robyn Stawski (Tampa, Fla.)
17:30 Women's Discus (F40)/final - Jill Kennedy (Charlottesville, Va.)
17:45 Men's 100m (T13)/final
19:00 Men's 200m (T44)/final
19:20 Men's 100m (T52)/final - Josh Roberts (Morris, Ala.)
20:20 Men's 1500m (T13)/final - Peter Gottwald (West Chester, Pa.)
20:35 Men's 200m (T54)/final
21:03 Men's 800m (T54)/final
21:20 Women's 800m (T54)/prelim - Chelsea McClammer (Benton City, Wash.), Tatyana McFadden (Clarksville, Md.)

For complete track & field competition results, visit http://results.beijing2008.cn/WRMP/ENG/Schedule/AT.shtml.

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