2008 PARALYMPIC GAMES: U.S. Archery Team Still Shooting for Gold; Fabry Sets New Paralympic Record

Sept. 12, 2008, 12:20 p.m. (ET)

BEIJING, China-- Broken records and friend-on-friend competition flavored the U.S.'s quarterfinal eliminations today, leaving three U.S. archers with continued medal prospects.

Jeff Fabry (Tulare, Calif ) wasn't rusty after having a bye for two days. His performance and win in the opening match of the day not only set a standard, but also set two records. Scoring a 113 against Italian Fabio Lucas Azzolini's 97, Fabry not only beat his opponent, but also replaced Azzolini's two-day-old Paralympic record of 107.

Fabry's 113 was also good enough to overshadow the nearly year-old world record of 111 set by Osmo Kinnunen of Finland. If both Fabry and Kinnunen win or lose on Saturday, they will have the chance to meet in the finals on Sunday.

For a spot in the Men's Individual Compound- Open the competition between the U.S. and the U.S. came down to scoring tens. Neither T.J. Pemberton (Guthrie, Okla) nor Joe Bailey (Flushing, Mich.) scored less than a nine for the duration of the match, but Pemberton's six tens to Bailey's four awarded him the coveted spot in the semi-finals.

Unfortunately, Pemberton's success means that Bailey is out of the running for a medal. Pemberton will meet the Gold medalist from the 2006 European Championships, Alberto Simonelli of Italy, in the semi-finals.

Lindsey Carmichael slid by fifth ranked Korean Archer Kim Ki- Hee by one point in the final match of the day. The 86-85 win was enough to get Carmichael into the Women's Indivdiual Recurve-Standing semi-finals, and a competition date with first ranked Lee Hwa-Sook of Korea.

For more information regarding the results:http://www.results.beijing2008.cn/