2008 U.S. Paralympic Trials -Track & Field Underway at Arizona State University

June 13, 2008, 12 a.m. (ET)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The road to Beijing is winding through Tempe, Arizona where the 2008 U.S. Paralympic Trials - Track & Field are underway. The competition running June 12-15 at Arizona State University, is the sole qualifying event in track & field for the 2008 Paralympic Games. Arizona Disabled Sports and the City of Mesa Parks, Recreation and Commercial Facilities will act as the local organizing committee.

The track at Arizona State University should prove to be great training ground for athletes, as it was recently resurfaced with the exact materials used to build the track that athletes will be racing on in Beijing. It is the only track in the U.S. with the same surface.

"We're excited about going to the greater Mesa/Tempe area for a number of reasons," said Troy Engle, Associate Director and Head Coach, Paralympic Track & Field. "First and foremost, we have great confidence in the local organizing committee - Arizona Disabled Sports and the City of Mesa Parks, Recreation and Commercial Facilities. They have shown a strong commitment to making this our best event ever, and after attending the Desert Challenge, we have great confidence that they're going to put on a fantastic event - both for the elite athletes and spectators."

The competition is expected to draw over 200 athletes with a physical disability from all over the world.

Athletes who meet the minimum qualifying standards will be eligible to compete in the Trials. These standards, as well as additional information about the competition, are available online at http://www.2008paralympictracktrials.com/.

The competition program is scheduled to include events that will be contested at the 2008 Paralympic Games, with the exception of the marathon.