Team USA Youth Men Finish 9th in Relay

By Linda Jager | Jan. 31, 2013, 12 a.m. (ET)

OBERTILLIACH, Austria (January 31, 2013) - Team USA Youth (U19) continued a strong performance at the IBU Youth/Junior World Championships in Obertilliach. Team USA's Youth Men (Jordan McElroy (Truckee,CA), Sean Doherty (Center Conway, NH), and Jacob Ellingson (Minnetonka,MN)) finished ninth in today's 3x7.5-kilometer Relay with a time of 1:03:37.8 (0+6+2+7), 3:39.3 back from Team Norway (Nenseter, Roervik, Gurigard) winning with a time of 59:58.5 (0+3+0+3). Team Germany (Janke, Horn, Homberg) took second (1:00:06.8/0+6+0+1), and Team France (Begue, Personnaz,Claude) finished third (1:01:45.7/1+5+0+5). Extended results from today's 3x7.5-kilometer relay are available here.


Team USA's Youth Women (Anna Kubek (Duluth, MN), Mikaela Paluszek (Farmington, NH) and Aleksandra Zakrzewska (Burlington, VT)) posted 59:42.4/0+7+2+6 for a 13th place finish in today's 3x6-kilometer Relay. Team Russia (Mironova, Slivko, Kaisheva) won with a time of 55:06.6 (0+5+0+6), Team Ukraine (Zhuravok, Nychyporenko, Merkushyna) took second (55:35.2/0+2+0+3), and Team Switzerland (Bissig, Haecki, DiLallo) finished third (56:48.9/0+3+0+3). Complete results from the 3x6-kilometer Relay are available here.


The 2013 IBU Youth/Junior World Championships conclude tomorrow with the Junior (U21) relay events. Team USA is not entered in tomorrow's Junior relay events.


2013 IBU Youth/Junior World Championship Schedule

Please note: All times are CET (6 hours ahead of Eastern Time)                        

01 Feb 10:00                Junior Women 3x6 km Relay

01 Feb 13:15                Junior Men 4x7.5 km Relay