Membership is annual and expires on October 31st. Please note that you must send both a completed USBA Membership form (see Step 1 below) and payment (see Step 2 below) in order to have your membership processed. If you pay online, list the member name in the text box after payment info so it is clear who the membership is for.

Step 1. 
Join/Renew by downloading the Membership form and then scan and email to or return via fax or mail as listed on the form.
USBA Membership Form

Step 2. 
Make payment online or via one of the payment options listed on the Membership form. Note:  If you pay online you still need to send in the completed USBA Membership Form. 
For online payment please select membership category below:
USBA Supporter - Individual: $50 
USBA Supporter - Couple: $75 
USBA Competitor - winter & summer athletes: $75 
USBA Junior/Youth Competitor - 21 & under on Dec 31st: $50 
USBA 16 & Under Competitor - 16 & under on Dec 31st: $15 
Biathlon Org./Club: $50 
USBA Coach/Official/Trainer/Tech. Delegate: $50 
Lifetime Membership: $1000 
Corporate/Partnership/Organizations Members: $1000 
Member For a Day: $10