Meet My Team (1/31/14)


Less than a week until the start of Opening Ceremony. We have a range of emotions going into the Games. Most of all we are anxious to get on the ice as a team and show the world what we got. I am so excited and proud to be a part of this team. We have all worked hard to get to where we are today and have played a major role in each other’s lives the past couple years. Best of all is that we have found ways to have fun while being fiercely competitive. Proof would be our fun experiment with filming the video out on YouTube "What The Skip Say" and the results of our competition in Vegas. Go Team North America!

In the midst of the media and competitions, I have conducted a random interview with my teammates to hopefully give you a little more insight on us. Be sure to watch us next month in Sochi!

Erika — what is your favorite part of playing with your teammates?

We all have very different personalities. It's fascinating to see how our love of curling and each unique style has created a great chemistry. Speaking of chemistry — I loved coming up with our individual chemical elements this season and wearing them on our jackets. It was a goofy idea that symbolically bonded us together.

Ann — what motivated you to play for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games?

Believing that there was something more inside myself. That there is a next level of performance within reach. I knew it would take a special group of teammates to get there. When Erika and I connected with Deb and Jess, when the time of it worked, it was clear right from the start that we were a unique combination worth waiting for.

Allison — do you have a motto or mantra you live by?

Do your best every day. Regardless of what you are doing — parenting, working, being a wife, friend, athlete. It doesn't have to be perfect, just that you put your honest best foot forward. Just do your best.

Deb — when filming "What The Skip Say" video, what was your favorite part?

Watching my teammates flop around on the curling ice in furry animal costumes. I will always remember the laughter. Taking photos with my camera of the entire process. Puts a smile on my face!

If you were a kitchen utensil/object, what would you be and why?

Allison: Wooden spoon, it's dependable

Erika: Mixer, to lick the beaters after baking

Ann: Whisk, perfect for whipping up something yummy

Deb: Wine opener, it brings people together and is good for the soul

When having a tough day, what keeps you motivated and off the couch?

Ann: It's about the goal. If you have one it puts the tough days in perspective.

E: Calling one of the teammates to refuel.

Al: The feeling of accomplishment after working out or practicing.

Deb: Staying focused on the goal and commitment to the team and myself. Thinking about what the opponents are doing is good motivation as well.

Obviously there is so much more to learn about our team. Be sure to tune in and watch us next month. We also enjoy the Facebook and Twitter buzz of your support going into the Games. Feel free to ask questions and be involved!

There are lots of curling facilities throughout the U.S., so be sure to find one near you, and get out and curl! :)

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