The Balance (10/16/13)


This has been one crazy summer. I have never traveled this much during the so-called "off time."

When I got home from my long journey in New Zealand and Australia I basically ran to the beach. Over the past year I have been renting a place in Encinitas, Calif. The reason for this is so my wife could go to school and I could be close to my sponsors. Since I have been there, surfing has become my new addiction. There is nothing like getting out in the water on a sunny morning and surfing with some of your best friends.

I did not get to surf for long because three days after getting back to the States my wife and I hopped on a plane to go house hunting in Tahoe. It was our plan to go to SoCal for a year and return the following winter. Good thing because I am missing the mountains for sure. We had one place on our mind and it seemed like our dream house, and after seeing it we knew it was the one. We made an offer that day and crossed our fingers that that it would get accepted. I made sure to drop over to Northstar while I was in town and it worked out perfectly. I was even able to film a day in the life during my short visit. It was real hard to be in the moment because we were stressing on whether or not we would end up getting the house. After what seemed to be the longest two days ever, we found out the owners accepted the offer we made. So stoked! This house is everything I could ever imagine and I feel blessed to call it mine! The hard part is going to be moving in a couple weeks from now.

When we returned to Encinitas I knew it was time for me to get back on the grind and start really training hard in the gym. I have been working out at B Project in Carlsbad and it has been awesome — granted some days I want to throw up during workouts, I know it will all be worth it in the end. My trainers Brad, Christina, Scot and Chris are awesome. They are really good at finding my weaknesses and improving them. On top of going to the gym I have been skating a lot and the new parks in the north San Diego area are on point. The concrete features are so smooth and they offer endless lines. There is just something about having a sunset skate session with your bros.

It has been really good to be back at home and working hard. I love being able to take care of my dogs, cook dinner for my lady, and do all the things that make me happy outside of snowboarding. I have always told people that it's all about the balance, and keeping that balance will ensure a successful career. That is exactly what I am trying to focus on every day. 

Now I am off to Hintertux, Austria for some park shredding and maybe some pow. Look out for my next blog on that. Until next time my friends!