Not My Finest Hour, Stoneham Worlds (1/23/13)

 Chas's View from Room from Blog 3 1-23-13
 View of Quebec City from my hotel room
 Chas Guldemond Blog 3: Out on the mountains getting ready for X Games

Right after my win at the Grand Prix at Copper the team and I headed straight to Stoneham for the World Championships.

During the travel day I started to feel a tickle in my throat and I knew that the dreaded flu had caught me. A trip to stock up on meds at the pharmacy was in order as soon as we landed in Quebec so I did just that. It is definitely a bummer when you get sick on the road and especially in the middle of a contest week but you just have to suck it up, medicate and do some serious time management in order to get the rest you need in order to get better before the next event – especially when that next event is X Games. This week was a tough one but it’s all part of the game.

I haven’t spent much time in Quebec so it was rad to see the city a little bit. It reminds me of old Europe with all of the old buildings and character. I would like to come back and spend some time here exploring the city. When you spend such a short time in each place and you are so busy while you’re there it makes you wish you had more time to explore. Even so, I was stoked to spend a week here.

The first practice day was pretty surprising... surprisingly cold and the course surprisingly big and well-built. Stoneham definitely did a great job putting together a big solid jump line. It was a little icy but either way we were able to get in some good training. It was good to be able to get two days in riding the course and getting things dialed before qualifiers.

The night before qualifiers we found out that if we qualified in the top two in our heat then we would go straight to finals. I was trying hard to battle the flu so that was my plan: Qualify top two and get little more time to rest. I was super stoked when I was able to put down both of my runs and solidify my spot in the finals and also solidify a few more hours of rest time.

Finals day came and even though I conquered the qualifiers it just was not my day. I dealt with a few mind games and didn't land my first run. I switched things up and put together a good enough run to land me in the top 10 but it was not what I wanted. Sometimes it’s just not your day... or week. And Stoneham was that for me. Even though I had a less than awesome performance I was super stoked to see Finland’s Roope Tonteri take home the win with an epic run that seemed almost effortless. I always try to learn from my bad weeks and let them be lessons and to be stoked for my friends. I don't dwell on losses and I use them as fuel. Over the years I have learned that the losses are what make the wins worth it. Now it’s time to turn the page... I am stoked to get some rest, kick this flu and get to the X Games in Aspen.