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Child abuse prevention month may be over, but there is a lot to cover before our campaign ends in April 2014. During the next 11 months, we’ll dive into understanding the issue of child sexual abuse in youth-serving organizations. This includes exploring best practices and procedures on how to prevent, respond to and report child abuse.

First up: getting the facts about child abuse. This month you’ll learn what it is, who’s at risk and the consequences of abuse on society.

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May webinar: "Learn the basics"
In the first of 11 free webinars designed to help prevent child abuse, join Cindy McElhinny as she examines child sexual abuse prevalence rates, risk factors and more. The presentation concludes with an overview of how you can minimize the opportunities for and respond appropriately to abuse. McElhinny serves as director of programs at Darkness to Light, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing child sexual abuse.

Date: Thursday, May 23, 2013
Time: 1 p.m. EST
Cost: Free

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Join Team USA and help stop abuse in sport. By making the commitment, you agree to lead by example, implement practices to protect kids and collaborate with your community.

To make the commitment:

1. Click here and pick the commitment on the left that best fits your role.
2. Read through the commitment details and click the “Make the Commitment” button at the top.
3. Fill in the required fields and hit “submit.”
4. Once you’ve made the commitment, visit to learn how you can directly get involved with the campaign.

Not ready to make the commitment? No problem. During the next 11 months, we’ll point you to resources that will help you make the commitment at your own pace.

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Peer-to-peer sexual abuse

Darkness to Light reports approximately 40 percent of all sexually abused children are abused by other children under the age of 18.

Although there is no universal definition of child sexual abuse, most definitions focus on forced sexual activity between adults and minors or between two minors. Sexual abuse includes both physical and non-physical sexual acts, such as exposure to pornography.

How do you know whether or not certain behaviors constitute peer-to-peer child sexual abuse? Legal definitions vary by state, but age difference, size difference and an imbalance of power and/or intellectual capabilities are factors that come into play when examining whether or not sexual interactions between children are abusive. 

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April 2013: Campaign Introduction
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Featured Organization: Darkness to Light
Darkness to Light is a national non-profit organization with the mission of empowering people to prevent child sexual abuse. Darkness to Light accomplishes this by increasing public awareness of the issue and educating adults to prevent, recognize the signs and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. The organization also engages communities in building and sustaining child sexual abuse prevention initiatives.

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