Have questions about what does and does not constitute misconduct in sport? We've got answers to some of your most common questions below.

If I like my a coach or feel attracted to a different adult and I have a sexual interaction with them, is it still considered child sexual abuse?
Generally, if you are under the age of 18, sexual interactions between an adult and a minor are prohibited. These sexual interactions can involve a number of things from non-touching activities (talking about sex, exposing you to nudity or showing you pornography) to touching activities (fondling, genital contact or sexual intercourse).

My coach is dating a teammate who is over the age of 18. Is that a problem?
Sexual relationships between an athlete and an adult in a position of authority – such as a coach or club administrator – aren’t part of a healthy sport setting. As a general rule, coaches and players shouldn’t date.

Is it still sexual misconduct if a coach or adult doesn’t actually touch me?
Any type of sexually oriented comments or behavior, even if no touching is involved, is sexual misconduct.

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