Road trips can be exciting - but here are some guidelines you and your team should follow to ensure a safe, fun trip.

Should a chaperone ever be allowed to sleep in our room?
If you and your teammates are under 14 years old, an administrator might assign a chaperone to stay with you in the same room. Generally, a chaperone should be the same gender as you.

Why do coaches and chaperones conduct bed checks?
Bed checks are a standard way to account for all of the athletes on a trip. For trips that involve athletes of both sexes, ideally the chaperones should visit the rooms in mixed-sex pairs. You should report any unusual behavior and/or issues pertaining to the bed checks immediately to your parent(s) or a sport administrator.

My coach has asked me to wear my team gear while travel. Why?
Wearing team colors on out-of-town trips can help the coaches and chaperones keep track of you and your teammates, especially, for example, in a crowded lobby, restaurant or airport.

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