Apr 23 Gallery: Michael Phelps' Olympic Medal Moments

April 23, 2014, 6:49 p.m. (ET)

Michael Phelps (R) celebrates winning the gold in the men's 400-meter individual medley with Erik Vendt (L), who won the silver medal, on Aug. 14, 2004 during the Athens 2004 Olympic Games at the Olympic Sports Complex Aquatic Centre in Athens, Greece. Phelps won with a new world record time of 4:08.26.

Michael Phelps has been hailed as one of the greatest Olympians of all time and is without a doubt the most-decorated Olympian, having won 22 medals (18 gold) across three Olympic Games. In honor of his recent return to the pool, we put together a look back at Phelps' Olympic achievements.


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