Q&A: Jarrod Shoemaker

April 18, 2012, 12:05 a.m. (ET)

By USA Triathlon

The ITU World Triathlon Series season opener took place in [April] in Sydney, and two U.S. elites — Gwen Jorgensen and Jarrod Shoemaker — finished in the top ten. Shoemaker, a member of the 2012 USA Triathlon National Team and a 2008 Olympian, opened his season earlier this spring at the ITU Sprint Triathlon Pan American Cup in Clermont, Fla., and he will compete in the World Triathlon San Diego on May 11. With a couple of 2012 events under his belt, Shoemaker shares how he is preparing for the rest of the season and the mental approach he is taking for upcoming large-scale events.

USA Triathlon: How significant was it for you to post the top-10 finish in Sydney after your 2011 season?

Jarrod Shoemaker: I finished 2011 strong after recovering from my concussion and neck injury and had a great offseason of training. I was going into Sydney hoping to have a good race, as my races the past two years there did not go so well. This is a great way to start off the season.

USAT: How does your finish in Sydney help you to prepare for San Diego?

JS: I have been training very hard this winter and it’s great to start the season off on the right note as opposed to the past few years. For me, this starts the season out well and puts me in a good position for the rest of the year.

USAT: What does your training plan look like for the next few weeks leading up to San Diego?

JS: Same thing as I have been doing the past few months — swimming, biking and running, along with a few trips to the beach.

USAT: What did you focus on in the offseason to prepare for 2012, and how will that help you in your quest to qualify for London?

JS: I am not on a quest to qualify for London; I am focused on being the best triathlete I can be in 2012. We went back to basics after last season and looked at what I needed to do to push myself to the next level. I also looked inside and decided what I wanted out of my career.

USAT: Do you have any other goals for this season besides San Diego and London?

JS: My major goal is to be the best triathlete I can be in 2012 and beyond.

Courtesy USA Triathlon