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Michael Phelps tries to make it 5-for-5. He swims the 200-meter butterfly and 800 freestyle relay, part of 17 gold medals at stake across the Olympics.


BEIJING - In some ways, Michael Phelps is a typical 23-year-old. Then he dives in the water, and that's where he becomes once in a lifetime. He next swims in two finals - the 200 butterfly and 800 freestyle relay. He can run his gold-medal haul in Beijing to five and for his career surpass the winningest Olympians in history. By National Writer Paul Newberry. 200 fly starts at 10:21 p.m. EDT Tuesday and relay at 11:19 p.m. MOVED.

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Other swim medals: women's 200 free, 10:14 p.m.; women's 200 individual medley, 11:12 p.m.


BEIJING - Columnist Tim Dahlberg writes on Michael Phelps' bid for his fourth and fifth gold medals. By Sports Columnist Tim Dahlberg.

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BEIJING - Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin have national titles and world medals, with their pictures on everything from Coke cans to ATMs. All that's missing from their pretty little package is a gold medal. That could be on the way, unless the Chinese get in the way. By National Writer Nancy Armour. Competition starts 10:30 p.m. EDT Tuesday, expected to end about 12:10 a.m. Wednesday.

DAY 4:




BEIJING - Ever since Greece eliminated the U.S. in the semifinals of the world championships two years ago, the Americans have been waiting for a chance to get even. It's coming up, with the Greeks coming off an 87-64 rout of Dirk Nowitzki and Germany. By Andrew Bagnato.


BEIJING - For Serena Williams, the only misstep came after her match. Reaching toward a courtside railing to sign autographs, she slipped and nearly fell into the photographers' pit. Far less perilous was her 44-minute victory over Australia's Samantha Stosur. By Steven Wine. MOVED.

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BEIJING - After the first few days of the Beijing Games, some cracks are appearing in China's planned perfect organization - rows of empty seats at venues, sparse crowds in the main Olympic zone, a general lack of buzz around the city and even official acknowledgment of trickery during the opening ceremony. By Stephen Wilson.


- BEIJING - OLY--Olympic Rdp. By Jaime Aron. MOVED.

- UNDATED - OLY--TV Box. By Television Writer David Bauer. MOVED.

- BEIJING - OLY--ATH-IAAF-Record Scrapped. By Raf Casert. MOVED.

- KUQA, China - China-Explosions. By William Foreman. MOVED.


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BEIJING - At the Bird's Nest stadium, the Olympic flame burns. In Georgia, buildings bombed by Russian warplanes burn. The message on the stadium's two giant screens at the opening ceremony said: "May the Olympic flame light the path for peace everywhere." Seems not. By Olympics Columnist John Leicester.

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BEIJING - Women are competing at the 2008 Games in record numbers, yet the Olympics remain under fire for failing to reduce male dominance in its own ranks and tolerating countries that exclude women from their teams. By National Writer David Crary.

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BEIJING - The Beijing seen through windows of buses and taxis isn't all that different from other big cities - streets bustling with noisy cars and buses, lined with shops and restaurants. A few steps off these streets, though, and a more traditional view of the city is revealed: hutongs. By John Marshall. MOVED.

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BEIJING - Organizers long promised to clean the polluted skies for the Olympics. The U.S. Olympic Committee took no chances, using everything in its arsenal to give athletes an edge against dirty air. One tactic was to install some 500 hospital-grade air purifiers in all of its athletes' living quarters. By Tini Tran. MOVED.


SHENYANG, China - The Beijing Games are not only about Beijing. The Olympics are thriving outside the capital and athletes say they are having just as much fun despite being miles from the heart of the games. By Tales Azzoni. MOVED.

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BEIJING - A 21-year-old American got her first glimpse of China by becoming an Olympic volunteer. While international volunteers seek adventure, locals take it seriously, some even postponing graduate study to be among the 70,000 goodwill ambassadors. By Dikky Sinn. MOVED.

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BEIJING - Corporate sponsors appeal to Chinese authorities to ease security restrictions that are keeping the public away from their promotional pavilions in the Olympic park. By Business Writer Joe McDonald. MOVED.

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BEIJING - With Paul Hamm home and Yang Tae-Young off his game, the road to the gold medal is clear for the "Silver Collector." Yang Wei will try to shed his reputation as a perpetual runner-up when the Chinese gymnast takes another crack at the all-around title that's eluded him his entire Olympic career. By Jenna Fryer. MOVED.

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- With:

- UNDATED - OLY--Lookahead-Glance. MOVED.

- BEIJING - OLY--Olympic Notebook. MOVED.



BEIJING - Falling was not an option for Sasha Artemev. He readied himself for the day's final routine, the one that would decide whether the Americans went home with a medal. He delivered on the pommel horse, and the U.S. had its bronze medal. By National Writer Eddie Pells. MOVED.

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- Also:

- OLY--GYM-China's Triumph. By Nancy Armour. MOVED.

- OLY--GYM-Falling Short. By Nancy Armour. MOVED.




BEIJING - In the lane or behind the arc, Tina Thompson couldn't miss. She was the catalyst in the Americans' 108-63 rout of China, scoring 13 of her 27 points during a 23-0 run in the first quarter. Next up for the U.S. women is winless Mali. By Doug Feinberg. MOVED.

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- Also:

- OLY--BKW-Pac-10. By Doug Feinberg. MOVED.


- Five men's games: Iran-Lithuania, Croatia-Russia, Greece-Germany, China-Spain, Argentina-Australia. MOVED.



BEIJING - Olympic champion Mizuki Noguchi of Japan pulls out of the women's marathon because of a thigh and groin injury. The 2003 world championship silver medalist had hoped to become the first woman to repeat as Olympic marathon champ. By Bob Baum. MOVED.

- Also:

- BEIJING - OLY--ATH-Doping-Russia. By Raf Casert. MOVED.



BEIJING - Rebecca Soni turns an embarrassment into a silver medal. Remember, this super sub wasn't even supposed to swim at the Olympics. Then Jessica Hardy withdrew from the team Aug. 1 because of a positive drug test. By Beth Harris. MOVED.

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- OLY--SWM--Jones' Journey. By Andrew Dampf. MOVED.

- OLY--SWM-Manaudou's Future. MOVED.



BEIJING - China makes it 3-for-3 in Olympic diving, with Chen Ruolin and Wang Xin taking the women's 10-meter synchronized platform title. China has dominated this event since it was introduced at the 2000 Sydney Games. By Beth Harris. MOVED.

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SHENYANG, China - The United States reaches the quarterfinals of the women's soccer tournament with a 4-0 victory over New Zealand. Heather O'Reilly scores 40 seconds into the game to get the rout under way. By Tales Azzoni. MOVED.

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- OLY--SOC-Confident Dutch. By Tales Azzoni. MOVED.

- Five other women's games: Sweden-Canada, Nigeria-Brazil, China-Argentina, North Korea-Germany, Norway-Japan. MOVED.



BEIJING - Playing with grit and heart after a stabbing at a tourist site shook the team, the U.S. men defeat Italy 3-1 in volleyball. The team is still without coach Hugh McCutcheon, whose in-laws were attacked last weekend. By Anne M. Peterson. MOVED.

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BEIJING - The U.S. softball team picks up where it left off four years ago. Jennie Finch pitches four no-hit innings and the Americans hit three home runs - one inside-the-park by Caitlin Lowe - to rock Olympic newcomer Venezuela 11-0 in a tournament opener. By Tom Withers. MOVED.

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- Also:

- Three other games: Taiwan-Canada, China-Netherlands, Japan-Australia. MOVED.



BEIJING - World champion flyweight Rau'shee Warren is upset by South Korea's Lee Ok-sung 9-8 Tuesday, a stunning defeat for the first two-time American boxing Olympian in 30 years. By Greg Beacham. MOVED.

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BEIJING - Some say an amateur boxing event doesn't really begin until the first fighter complains about judging. Consider this tournament under way. Britain's Joe Murray echoed the Ukrainian team's allegation that Chinese fighters are getting more than their fair share of points. By Greg Beacham. MOVED.

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BEIJING - Gamesmanship is in full swing before the first pitch. South Korea's manager won't announce his starter for the opener against the United States, so American skipper Davey Johnson is doing the same. "Everybody's game-playing," Canada manager Terry Puhl says. By Janie McCauley. MOVED.

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BEIJING - Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor plan to go from barefoot to pregnant. The beach volleyball teammates intend to take time off after the Olympics and start families, a move they delayed so they can go for their second straight gold medal. By Jimmy Golen. MOVED.

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BEIJING - Live from Beijing, The Phinney Show. Taylor Phinney just might be the future of American cycling. This 18-year-old star is very much at ease at the Olympics. He likes hanging with the U.S. women's gymnasts and calls his brief encounter with President Bush "frickin' cool." By Tim Reynolds. MOVED.

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- OLY--CYC Time Trials. By Naomi Koppel. MOVED.

- OLY--CYC-Katie Mactier. By Naomi Koppel. MOVED.

- OLY--CYC-Doping-Spain. By Paul Logothetis. MOVED.



BEIJING - U.S. men's water polo coach Terry Schroeder wanted to be in the pool. There, he might have helped. Instead, the three-time Olympian and longtime captain was stuck watching the tense final seconds of a 12-11 victory over Italy. By Mark Long. MOVED.

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BEIJING - Natalie Woolfolk missed a U.S. record, but that didn't stop her from making a joyous leap and pointing to a burly man in the stands. The man is Casey Burgener. He and Woolfolk are among the best weightlifters in the U.S., and they'll be getting married in November. By Karl Ritter. MOVED.

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- OLY--WEI-Women's 63kg. MOVED.

- OLY--WEI-Men's 69kg. By Karl Ritter. MOVED.



BEIJING - Islam-Beka Albiev wins Russia's second Olympic Greco-Roman wrestling gold medal in as many matches. The 19-year-old Albiev is the second youngest wrestling gold medalist in Olympic history. By Alan Robinson. MOVED.

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- With:

- OLY--WRE-Greco-Roman 60 kg. By Alan Robinson. MOVED.



BEIXIAOYING TOWN, China - Germany's Alexander Grimm wins the gold medal in single kayak slalom. Benjamin Boukpeti earns the bronze, giving Togo its first medal in any Summer Games. By Dan Gelston. MOVED.

AP Photos.

- Also:

- OLY--ROW-Rowing Rdp. MOVED.



QINGDAO, China - When Zach Railey was 8, he stepped onto a sailboat and knew that was where he wanted to be. Sixteen years later, his passion for the sport has led to an Olympic showdown with a sailing superstar - Britain's seemingly unbeatable triple medalist Ben Ainslie. By Doug Mellgren. MOVED.

AP Photos.

- Also:

- OLY-Sailing. By Doug Mellgren. MOVED.



BEIJING - Glenn Eller fired two more shots, then turned and pumped his fist. He won the gold in double trap, the first for the U.S. in shooting at these Olympics. By Noah Trister. MOVED.

- With:

- OLY--SHO-Men's 50m Pistol. MOVED.


- BEIJING - OLY--EQU-Team Eventing.

- BEIJING - OLY--EQU-Individual Eventing.


- BEIJING - OLY--FHK-Women's Field Hockey. By Cliff Brunt. MOVED.



BEIJING - Chants of "U-S-A, U-S-A" compete with "Go Team China" in an unlikely setting: the Olympic badminton tournament. The American team of Howard Bach and Bob Malaythong advances to the quarterfinals of men's doubles. By Jim Armstrong. MOVED.

AP Photos.



BEIJING - Ayumi Tanimoto, the 2004 Olympic judo champion, gives Japan a gold medal with a victory at 63 kilograms. Ole Bischof of Germany wins the 81-kg division. By Eric Talmadge. MOVED.

AP Photos.



BEIJING - The U.S. women's field hockey team has earned respect with back-to-back ties against highly ranked teams. If the Americans want to take the next step and earn medals, they better start winning. Cliff Brunt. MOVED.

AP Photos.


- BEIJING - OLY--FEN-Men's Saber. MOVED.

- HONG KONG - OLY--EQU-Team Eventing. MOVED.

- HONG KONG - OLY--EQU-Individual Eventing.


- BEIJING - OLY--China-Protests. Bu Audra Ang. MOVED.

- BEIJING - China-Knife Attack. MOVED.



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SWIMMING - NEW: Michael Phelps wins his third gold medal in Beijing and his ninth overall, taking the 200m freestyle in world-record time. - NEW: Natalie Coughlin defends her Olympic gold in the women's 100m backstroke, beating Kirsty Coventry and Margaret Hoelzer.

DIVING: - NEW: The U.S. team of Thomas Finchum and David Boudia competes in 10m synchronized platform diving.

WRESTLING - NEW: Preliminary competition in the 55kg and 60kg divisions (Mat 3).

SOFTBALL - NEW: Lauren Bay and Canada start their Olympic journey with a matchup against Chinese Taipei.


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SWIMMING - NEW:Michael Phelps joined a stellar cast, including Mark Spitz and Carl Lewis, to become one of the winningest Olympians ever by grabbing his ninth gold medal. Filename: 0812dv-oly-swimming.

GYMNASTICS - NEW: Former Olympic gold medalist Bart Conner gives his analysis on the U.S. men winning a surprise gold medal. Filename: 0812dv-oly-gym-plus.

- NEW: China has the Olympic title it has long craved and everyone else expected. The Chinese won the gold medal in men's gymnastics, followed by Japan and the United States. Filename: 0812dv-oly-gym.

BASKETBALL - NEW: The so-called 'Redeem-Team' is taking another step toward reclaiming Gold for the United States. The U.S. Men's basketball team crushed Angola Tuesday night in Beijing. Filename: 0812dv-oly-basketball.

BEIJING BY BICYCLE - NEW: Associated Press reporter Warren Levinson takes a tour of Beijing on his bike and learns that the city's traffic laws are a little flexible. Filename: 0812dv-oly-beijing-bike.

FAKE FIREWORKS - NEW: Not all was what it seemed during the spectacular opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. Beijing organizers confirmed Tuesday that some of the fireworks display featured prerecorded footage. Filename: 0812dv-oly-fake-fireworks.

SECURITY Security at the summer Olympics was visibly tighter on Tuesday and the lack of people on the Olympic green has organizers concerned. Filename: 0812dv-oly-security.

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INSIDE THE RINGS - NEW: At the Bird's Nest stadium, the Olympic flame burns. In Georgia, buildings bombed by Russian warplanes burn. The message on the stadium's two giant screens at the opening ceremony said: "May the Olympic flame light the path for peace everywhere." Seems not. By Olympics Columnist John Leicester. Filename: OLY--INSIDE THE RINGS.

TIM DAHLBERG - NEW: AP Sports Columnist Tim Dahlberg writes on Michael Phelps' bid for his fourth gold medal. Filename: OLY--TIM DAHLBERG-081208.

NI HOWDY! - NEW: AP's Warren Levinson, who is covering his 8th Olympic games, is blogging daily about the sights and sounds of the host city. In the latest installment, he explores a local fruit and vegetable market. Filename: OLY--Levinson-Weblog.


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- NEW: The AP's Dave Lubeski hosts the midday update with Michael Phelps taking another gold in the pool. U.S. swimmer Natalie Coughlin talks about the excitement of winning her gold, too, and the U.S. men's gymnasts take home a bronze.

AP CHINA BEAT http://podcast.ap.org/podcasts/AP-China-Beat.xml?SITE=AP&TYPE=podcast&NAME=C


- The AP's Brian Horton hosts a conversation with AP reporter Tini Tran, who has spent the last six months in Beijing studying the region's pollution and environmental concerns.


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