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Michael Phelps swims in the 200-meter freestyle, one of 19 gold medals at stake across the Olympics.


BEIJING - With a big hand from Jason Lezak - actually, just a fingertip - Michael Phelps took care of an unfinished piece of business from four years ago. On Tuesday, he can make up for the other gold medal that eluded him in Athens and join a very elite group in the Olympic record book. By National Writer Paul Newberry. Phelps' final, the 200 free, starts 10:30 p.m. EDT Monday. MOVED.

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BEIJING - Columnist Tim Dahlberg writes on Michael Phelps' bid for his third gold medal. By Sports Columnist Tim Dahlberg.

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Other swim medals: women's 100 backstroke, 10:20 p.m.; men's 100 backstroke, 10:28 p.m.; women's 100 breaststroke, 10:45 p.m.


BEIJING - The Chinese mena, gymnastics' equivalent of rock stars, get plenty of praise and adoration. What they really, really want, though, is Olympic gold. Big, round medallions that can be hauled out decades from now as proof they really were the best in the business. By National Writer Nancy Armour. Competition begins at 10:30 p.m., expected to end around 12:30 a.m.

DAY 3:



BEIJING - Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer win opening matches in Olympic tennis. Nadal, who will supplant Federer at No. 1 next week, made a successful debut in Olympic singles. Roger Federer is bidding for his first Olympic medal. Serena Williams completes a rain-interrupted victory. By Steven Wine. MOVED.

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BEIJING - Katie Hoff is collecting Olympic medals, but none of them gold. Brendan Hansen's only chance at an individual medal disappeared in the wake of his Japanese rival. Both American swimmers are coming up short in the pool. By Beth Harris. MOVED.

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BEIJING - In the first official doping case of the Beijing Olympics, Spanish cyclist Maria Isabel Moreno is kicked out of the games after testing positive for EPO. The IOC says she was tested in the athletes' village July 31 and left China later that day before learning the result. By Stephen Wilson. MOVED.



BEIJING - Halfway around the world, President Bush caps his Olympic experience at a place he calls home: a baseball field. Bush tells The Associated Press before returning to Washington that the Olympics "exceeded my expectations." He meant the whole deal: the venues, the people, the pride. By Ben Feller. MOVED.

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- BEIJING - OLY--China-Protests. Bu Audra Ang. MOVED.



BEJING - The condition of the U.S. men's volleyball coach's mother-in-law, stabbed on the opening day of Olympic competition, is improving, the U.S. Olympic Committee says. Barbara Bachman was attacked by a Chinese man at an ancient monument in the heart of the Chinese capital Saturday. By Cara Anna. MOVED.


- BEIJING - OLY--Olympic Rdp. By Jaime Aron. MOVED.

- UNDATED - OLY--TV Box. By Television Writer David Bauer.


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BEIJING - An inevitable rule of life is that time eventually catches even the greatest champions, whose triumphs and failures at the pinnacle of sports are measured in fractions of a second. On Monday, at the Beijing Olympics, the clock caught one of swimming's once-brightest stars, Laure Manaudou of France. By AP Olympics Columnist John Leicester. MOVED.



BEIJING - He is famous in his own right, the fastest man in America, a world champion and a possible star of the Beijing Olympics. But when Tyson Gay ran into Kobe Bryant at the gym the other day, well, he did what any sports fan would do. He got excited. Star-struck even. By National Writer Eddie Pells. MOVED.

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- OLY--ATH-Men's Track-Johnson. By Cliff Brunt.

- OLY--ATH-Sotomayor-Robles. MOVED.



BEIJING - They talk and text about boys and clothes and music - typical teenager stuff. Now it's time to talk about beating China. The head-to-head competition between Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin can wait. First, they must team up in an attempt to lead the U.S. women's gymnastics squad to gold. By Jenna Fryer. MOVED.

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- UNDATED - OLY--Lookahead-Glance. MOVED.

- BEIJING - OLY--Olympic Notebook. MOVED.


BEIJING - For some athletes, the around-the-world trip to Beijing has nothing to do with competition. Their job ends at practice. They are training partners, helping the very athletes who beat them out for a spot on the team prepare for the games. By Aaron Beard. MOVED.

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BEIJING - The downpour that washed out Olympic events in tennis, archery and rowing also cleared up much of Beijing's dirty air. Air pollution levels dropped by more than half from the previous day, falling within World Health Organization guidelines for healthy air. By Tini Tan. MOVED.



BEIJING - There's a belief that the body contains an invisible life force called the Qi, and one way to get keep it from getting blocked is by massaging the feet. Whether you believe or not, one thing's for sure: It hurts. By John Marshall. MOVED.

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BEIJING - Nastia Liukin is bringing the toughest uneven bars routine in the world, and Shawn Johnson will be strutting some of the strongest stuff on vault, floor and balance beam. When it comes to sauce and sass, no one comes close to Alicia Sacramone. C'mon, China, think you can top that? By National Writer Nancy Armour. MOVED.

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- OLY--GYM-US Women-Sloan. By Barry Wilner. MOVED.



BEIJING - The U.S. women's basketball team quickly dashed any hopes China had of an upset, avenging a loss in April with the second American drubbing of the Chinese in as many nights. The U.S. routs China 108-63 behind Tina Thompson's 27 points, taking the boisterous crowd out of the game early. By Doug Feinberg. MOVED.

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- With:

- OLY--BKW-Russia-South Korea. By Doug Feinberg. MOVED.


BEIJING - Four years ago in Athens, the U.S. team was treated like the ugly Americans. That's all changed. A combination of NBA popularity and celebrity players have turned Beijing into almost a second home for the U.S. team, which was cheered even as it drubbed China 101-70 in its opener. By Andrew Bagnato. MOVED.

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BEIJING - Behind Michael Phelps are the three most important women in his life - his mother and two older sisters. They're the ones Phelps is searching for when his eyes scan the crowd at the vast Water Cube. They're with him emotionally for every stroke he swims on his journey toward becoming the greatest Olympian ever. By Beth Harris.

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- OLY--SWM-Shanteau's Journey. By Paul Newberry. MOVED.

- OLY--SWM-British Surprise. By Andrew Dampf. MOVED.

- OLY--Iran-Israel. MOVED.



BEIJING - China makes it 2-for-2 in diving when Lin Yue and Huo Liang win the men's 10-meter synchronized title. David Boudia and Thomas Finchem of the U.S. finish fifth. By National Writer Paul Newberry. MOVED.

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- OLY--DIV-Kid Diver. By Andrew Dampf. MOVED.



BEIJING - The U.S. women's volleyball team, playing in its second match of an emotionally draining Olympics, loses to Cuba in three sets. USA Volleyball has been reeling from the stabbing death of the father-in-law of the U.S. men's coach at a tourist site. By Anne M. Peterson. MOVED.

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BEIJING - With violence raging at home, Arsen Kasabiev finds it difficult to concentrate on the Olympics. He is one of two Georgian weightlifters from the breakaway province of South Ossetia. And he tells the AP he intends to compete in Beijing, even if the rest of the Georgian team goes home. By Karl Ritter. MOVED.

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- OLY--WEI-Women's 58kg. By Karl Ritter. MOVED.

- OLY--WEI-Men's 62kg. By Karl Ritter. MOVED.



SHENYANG, China - The U.S. women's soccer team awaits New Zealand, going for a spot in the quarterfinals. The defending champions recovered from the opening loss to Norway with a 1-0 win against Japan. Now the Americans need a victory to advance, but a tie might be enough. By Tales Azzoni. MOVED.

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TIANJIN, China - The United States was flying high for much of the game. Now the Americans have to pick themselves off the ground. A last-minute goal by the Dutch left the U.S. men with a 2-2 tie. That means the Americans need at least a draw against Nigeria to ensure a spot in the quarterfinals. By Brian Trusdell. MOVED.


BEIJING - Americans Jake Gibb and Sean Rosenthal open Olympic beach volleyball with a victory on a day when pelting rain, with intermittent lightning and thunder, cut into the spring-break atmosphere that accompanies this sport. By Jimmy Golen. MOVED.

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BEIJING - The Cubans have long been the gold-medal standard of Olympic boxing, dominating the last 30 years with a line of champions who often fought into their late 30s. Now, a wave of defections and a key retirement leave Cuba with an inexperienced team in Beijing, yet the fighters still keep winning. By Greg Beacham. MOVED.

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- OLY--BOX-Round Three. By Greg Beacham. MOVED.



BEIJING - Jake Arrieta pitched through a thunderstorm in Cuba. His U.S. baseball teammate, Stephen Strasburg, danced the conga during a rain delay last month in Amsterdam. When it comes to international baseball, crazy is the norm. By Janie McCauley. MOVED.

- With:

- OLY--BBI-US-China. By Janie McCauley. MOVED.



BEIJING - Laura Berg is the U.S. softball team's resident jokester. The other day she left a chalk handprint on President Bush's back. A four-time Olympian, the 33-year-old outfielder has left a more permanent mark on her teammates and sport. By Tom Withers. MOVED.

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BEIJING - A quick look at road cycling results from the opening weekend would give little reason to be impressed with David Zabriskie and Christine Thorburn. A closer look suggests they could do well when the U.S. returns to the road course for time trials, where Americans expect to fare well. By Tim Reynolds. MOVED.



BEIJING - Natalie Golda and Brenda Villa were admittedly nervous before their opening game of the Olympics - and they were the experienced ones. Apparently, they weren't completely flustered, leading the U.S. women's water polo team past China 12-11 in preliminary play. By Mark Long. MOVED.

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BEIXIAOYING TOWN, China - The U.S. women's eight already has a gold medal this year. Sure, the World Cup is nice, but it's no substitute for having Olympic gold draped around the neck. The crew won its heat to advance to the final and get in prime position for a shot at gold. By Dan Gelston. MOVED.

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QINGDAO, China - China's 2004 windsurfing silver medalist Yin Jian sets the pace in her quest for the host country's first Olympic sailing gold by dominating both opening races. In the Finn class, American newcomer Zach Railey and British veteran Ben Ainslie are locked in a tight race. By Doug Mellgren. MOVED.

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- With:

- OLY--SAI-Algae Watch. MOVED.



BEIJING - Italy's Maria Valentina Vezzali, a three-time individual gold medalist, finds a new partner in Italy's Olympic success. Vezzali wins the gold in women's foil, but bronze medalist Margherita Granbassi is on the podium where seven-time medal winner Giovanna Trillini had been in years past. By Kristie Rieken. MOVED.

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- With:

- OLY--FEN-Luan's Homecoming. By Noah Trister. MOVED.



BEIJING - Giulia Quintavalle wins Italy's first judo gold of the Beijing Games in the women's 57-kilogram division, and Azerbaijan's Elnur Mammadli stuns world champion Wang Ki-chun of South Korea to take the men's 73-kilogram title. By Eric Talmadge. MOVED.

AP Photos.


- BEIJING - OLY--ARC-Men's Team Archery. By Naomi Koppel. MOVED.

- BEIJING - OLY--SHO-Women's Trap. MOVED.

- BEIJING - OLY--SHO-Women's Trap-Cogdell. By Kristie Rieken. MOVED.

- BEIJING - OLY--SHO-Men's Air Rifle. MOVED.


- BEIJING - OLY--WRE-Greco Starts. By Alan Robinson. MOVED.

- HONG KONG - OLY-EQU--Eventing Cross Country. By Margaret Freeman. MOVED.

- BEIJING - OLY--FHK-Men's Field Hockey.

- BEIJING - OLY-HNB-Women's Handball. MOVED.




- HONG KONG - OLY--Hong Kong-Li Ning. MOVED.



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SWIMMING - NEW: Jason Lezak outtouched Alain Bernard of France at the wall Monday to give the United States a victory in the 400-meter freestyle relay and keep alive Michael Phelps' bid for eight Olympic gold medals. Filename: 0811dv-oly-swimming. - NEW: The mother and sisters of swimmer Michael Phelps are overjoyed by his two gold medals and his chances for more this week. Filename: 0811dv-oly-phelps-mom.

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INSIDE THE RINGS - NEW: An inevitable rule of life is that time eventually catches even the greatest champions, whose triumphs and failures at the pinnacle of sports are measured in fractions of a second. On Monday, at the Beijing Olympics, the clock caught one of swimming's once-brightest stars, Laure Manaudou of France. Filename: OLY--INSIDE THE RINGS.

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