Championship Information


My team is registered for a USCA championship playdown event. Can we have more than one coach sign up on our team?

While a team can register multiple coaches, some championship venues will allow only the primary coach access at no charge on game days. Each team must designate a single coach prior to the start of each game.

Am I required to be a U.S. citizen and provide proof of citizenship if I register to coach a team?

Coaches do not have to be citizens of the United States or provide proof of citizenship, in order to coach a team for championship events.

Deadline dates:

How can I find out my event’s deadline date?

As soon as they are established, deadline dates are listed on the USA Curling Website in the Championships section

Draw information:

Is there a website where I can find out about the other teams playing down in my event? 

After an event deadline passes and all the entries are processed, team rosters are posted to the Championships section of the USA Curling website. Rosters are posted as soon as possible after registration closes (usually only within a day or two).

The less time there is between getting the event schedule details and the event start date, the more it costs us to book flights to the national championship. Is it possible to make our travel plans even if the event deadline hasn’t yet passed and the draw schedule isn’t posted?

Event start dates for sign-up-and-go events (Senior Men’s, Senior Women’s, Mixed Doubles, Winter World University Games, and the Youth Olympic Games) and the start dates for playdowns for the Mixed, Club, and Men’s and Women’s Nationals, are determined by the number of teams entered. Periodically, team roster reports are posted for sign-up-and-go events, which may give an idea on how long it could take the event to conclude. We cannot provide actual start dates and times until after the close of registration and the completion of the draw.

Event schedules for national events are typically close to the same as the previous year’s schedule. Teams continuing on to the Mixed, Club, Juniors or Men’s and Women’s Nationals should know that practice times are awarded based on seeding.

May we request the noon practice time for our team? (This question was received from a high seed team.)

Per the USA Curling Championship Rules Book, team practice times are assigned by the Drawmaster with the high seeds being assigned the preferred times. The noon practice time is one of the preferred times. (The result was that this request had already been automatically granted and their request was unnecessary.)

We are trying to make our travel arrangements to the Club Nationals event. Do you know when the event schedule will be released? Who is our contact for making practice time requests?

Shortly after the deadline passes, the teams are seeded. After the seeding process is complete, the Drawmaster finishes the draw, which is immediately posted on the USA Curling Web site to allow teams to make their travel plans as quickly as possible. We apologize for potential delays but do try to get this information out as quickly as possible as we realize teams are eager for it.

Practice time requests must be made with the event’s chief umpire (CU). The CU information can be found within the Championships section.

My team is competing in the Nationals. We haven’t seen the draw information posted on the USA Curling website yet. When will it be posted?

Keep an eye on the website for draw information to be posted. The staff will publish the information as soon as it becomes available because we know that there are several people eager to see it. If draw schedules or hotel information haven’t yet been posted, it’s because the information is still unknown.

We may be late to practice due to the weather. What should we do?

Contact the event’s head official (chief umpire) as soon as possible to make him or her aware of the situation and to discuss the possibility of changing practice times with another team.


I want to enter a USCA championship event. How do I know if I am a member in good standing?

You can check your membership status on the Membership Report that is posted on the USA Curling website. If you do not find your name on the list, please call the USCA office at 888-287-5377 and we’ll help you sort this out.

I’ve registered for a USCA championship event and I have just been informed that my name is on the outstanding dues list. How much time do I have to clear this up and what do I need to do?

You will need to take care of the outstanding dues issue prior to the event registration deadline date and time. You can call the national office to find out how much your dues should be and submit your payment directly. If time is a concern, you can use a credit card to take care of it quickly. If you already paid your dues to your club but the USCA portion wasn’t forwarded, you should work with your club to receive a reimbursement or credit.

Event accommodations information:

Our team has made it into the national championship event. Where can I find the host hotel information?

Please check the Championships page of the USA Curling website. Hotel information that is known is posted there. In most every case, teams are responsible for booking their own hotel and travel accommodations.

Excused absence letter:

I will need an excused absence letter for my school to let them know I’m competing in the Junior Nationals event. How do I go about getting this document?

Requests for excused absence letters should be sent to A letter will be drafted and returned to you. Be sure to include your contact information and any information that the school requires to be included in the letter.

Fill Policy:

What is the “fill policy?”

The “fill policy” is the procedure which allots one spot in the regionally-based national events to each region. The ten current playdown regions are: Alaska, At-Large (Colorado/Nebraska/At-Large clubs), GLCA (Great Lakes Curling Assn.), GNCC (Grand National Curling Club), Illinois, Minnesota, MoPac (Mountain Pacific), North Dakota, Washington and Wisconsin.

What regionally-based events does the “fill policy” relate to?

The “fill policy” relates to USA Curling championship events that are regionally based, including the Junior Nationals, Club Nationals and Mixed Nationals.

What happens if a region doesn’t field a team for a regionally-based playdown championship?

If a region has no teams register to compete in a playdown before the deadline date, an open spot becomes available in the national event. The current rules process is to look at the region with the most playdown entries, and proceed with the other regions in order of entries, if there is more than one open spot available.

In the case of the Junior and Mixed Nationals, two or more teams must be entered to compete within a region prior to the deadline date and time or the region will lose its spot at the Nationals. If a single team has entered, they will be allowed to compete in a proximate region to be determined by the Championships Committee.

Online registration system:

How do I register for a National Championship event?

To register for a USA Curling championship, go to the Championships section of our website found under Events.  You will be redirected to the Sports Signup (SSU) login page. If you haven’t already created an account with SSU, you’ll need to do that first. After you’ve created your account, click on the big blue “Register” button and the system will present the events that you are eligible to compete in. If you’re registering your child for a junior event, you’ll need to be within their section of the family account or the system will not show the Junior event (because parents are too old to compete in the Juniors). The SSU accounts are set up for families: two parents and their children. Parents are responsible for entering championship applications for their minor children; parental consent is required.

How much does it cost to enter a championship event?

Registration fees vary. See the “championships” section for more information. Event fees along with any potential regional fees, if known, are listed under each event.

Can we pay as a team rather than individually?

It is important to remember that all registration materials and payments MUST be received by the event deadline date and time (11:59 p.m. Central) in order for your team to be considered eligible to compete.  If your team chooses to make one payment, all team members must leave the payment portion of their online registration process incomplete. The cardholder must then submit a completed credit card authorization form indicating the team members he/she wishes to pay for.  Once this form has been received by the USA Curling office, registration payments will be processed for each team member.

Do we register as a team or as individuals?

All team members are responsible for registering themselves for National Championships, except for the Junior Nationals where parents of minor children are responsible for registrations. In past seasons, a system was implemented that attempted to operate using team registrations, but because each person must complete his or her own consent forms, this wasn’t actually possible.

Entry fees are split into four equal parts, as all teams must register at least four players. If a team chooses to register a fifth player and then decides to split the fee equally among five team members, it is up to the team to work out the financial details among themselves. Refunds are not provided to any individual team members because a fifth player takes his or her place. If teams choose to have their fifth player reimburse the individual who will not be competing, they must work out the financial details on their own.

 I’ve forgotten my password. Can you reset it for me?

USCA staff doesn’t have access to your Sports Signup (SSU) account passwords. Passwords are confidential between the individual that created the account and the SSU administrators. If you forgot your password, please click on the “Reset Password” link just below where you would typically login.  SSU will email you a temporary password. Login using the temporary password, go to your “account settings” and “edit” your information there. Don’t forget to click on the “save” button.

I have tried twice to reset my password to no avail, can you help?

If you have tried resetting your password but have not seen an email with a new password in it, you’re most likely using a different email account as your login. You must use the same email address that you originally registered with, and it must be entered as it is listed within your Sports Signup personal account information. Once you’re logged in, you can change email account information, should you choose to do so. If you’re still unable to login and have no idea which email account you used to login, email for assistance. Don’t forget to check your spam and trash folders too, just in case your email account diverted the message there.

I started to register last week but then I had to stop because I had to run an errand. Now my computer will not do anything when I try to complete the application process.

You cannot store an unfinished registration application, unless it is only the payment portion that is incomplete (meaning you checked out via the “pay by check” method). Leaving in the middle of a registration application will cause you to have to start the entire registration process over again.

I am trying to finish my registration but an error message says I am not eligible because of age, gender, etc. I tried to  complete my application before but I don’t think it worked.

The online registration system is recognizing you as already having an active application for the same event and is preventing the possibility of a duplicate entry. Please check for a confirmation notice in the email account you used to register. If you cannot find one, check your spam and trash folders to see if it was diverted there. If you still cannot find one, email

My son’s team thinks that everyone on his team is fully registered, but they do not see everyone’s name when they click on the “team roster” link.  Should they be concerned?

If all team member names do not show under the “team roster” link, it is due to at least one of three things. It could be because someone has not yet registered, some part of the application is incomplete, such as proof of citizenship or listing their member club name, or there hasn’t been time for the office administrator to check the entry yet. If registration was completed just a short time ago, please be patient as there usually are several events open for registration at the same time; many with multiple playdown locations, as well as a men’s and a women’s division. Priority attention is always given to event registrations with the closest deadlines.

[To see your team’s roster, login to your Sports Signup account and look for the link with the team’s name near where you would go to register for another event. Click on the link and it will take you to the roster where you will see the names of your other team members that have completed their registrations.]

Our club charges dues for our “social” category members. Will our “social” category members be playdown eligible for USCA championship events?

The USA Curling Championship Rules specify that a curler must be a dues-paying member of a USCA Member Club to be playdown eligible. There are a couple of notable exceptions to this rule; to compete in the Club Nationals Championships, athletes on teams must be dues-paying, league-playing members of the same curling club. For the Club Nationals only, they could have a primary membership in one (USCA member) club and an “other” league membership in a different club as long as the primary membership is not in the “social category.” If a club pays full dues for their “social” category members, the members would be playdown eligible. However, if the club provides certain members in the “social” category with complimentary membership, they are not playdown eligible.

 For some events, such as the Men’s and Women’s Nationals (leading to the Olympic Trials), Youth Olympic Games, or to be a member on the Paralympics team, athletes are sometimes allowed to pay a $100 administrative fee as an alternative to belonging to a member club.

How can I tell how many teams have registered for the event that I’m competing in?

If you registered for a “sign-up-and-go” event such as the Senior Nationals, Mixed Doubles or Wheelchair Tryouts, a list of registrants is posted in the Championships section of the website as soon as possible and the list is updated as often as possible. Registrants of regional qualifier events (Juniors, Club Nationals or Mixed Nationals), due to the Fill Policy, must wait until the deadline date and time passes to find out who is on competing teams. As soon as the deadline passes and the entry process is complete, a team roster report will be posted in the Championships section of the Web site. [Please note that although some teams may add fifth players later, it is unlikely that this report will be updated, as there are many tasks and few staff members. It may be possible to contact a regional chairperson for updated information and winning regional teams are posted in the Championships section of the USCA Web site.]

My computer acts funny when I try to register. Is something wrong with the registration site, host provider’s equipment or the internet site?

Most registration systems seem to work best using the Mozilla Firefox browser. Firefox can be obtained free of charge at Registration issues have previously been reported by people using browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari.

I’ve been trying to get into the system to register for an upcoming event.  The error message “Permission denied” keeps coming up. 

Are you trying to login on a work computer that may have high security systems in place that are preventing you from registering? Often, this is the case when a “permission required” or “access denied” message is displayed when you try to login.

My team member said that she just registered but I don’t see her name listed on the team roster yet. Is there still something wrong or missing from her registration?

If it was literally moments ago that your team member registered, it is quite possible that the registration still needs to be checked to ensure that all documentation is in order before rostering her to your team. Usually several different events are open for registration at the same time; many with multiple playdown locations, as well as a men’s and a women’s division. Priority attention is giving to events with the closest deadline dates. It would be best to review the event registration requirements listed within the Rules Book with your team members to make sure that everything is in order. Ultimately, it is the individual athlete’s responsibility to ensure that all registration requirements have been met. Specific points to consider in the registration process are: (1.) Did he or she register? (2.) Is payment complete? and (3.) Was acceptable proof of citizenship successfully submitted? Be sure to see the Championship Rules Book located in the Championships section for more details.

Photo Requirements:

Our team won the National event. Do you have any special requirements for the photo you want such as size, format, etc? I assume JPG format is OK?

Congratulations! Digital files are acceptable and preferred, as long as they are provided in a high resolution format. Typical file formats that are acceptable are JPEG, TIFF and GIF. Email digital files to Provide a list of players names in order of appearance (L to R). PLEASE PRINT LEGIBLY. Thank you.


Our team’s lineup has changed since we registered. How can we update this information?

You will need to send an email or call the national office with your team lineup changes. It isn’t vital that you do so because during the team meeting, just before the event begins, the head official requires that a team lineup card be completed and the correct lineup can be noted there.

One of our players has been injured and we are not sure if he will be able to play or not, so we would like to register a fifth player. Can one of my out-of-town friends sign up and join our team as a fifth?

It is usually fine to add a fifth player, as long as they belong to a USA Curling member club. In the case of the Club Nationals, your friend must be a dues-paying, league-playing member of the same curling club as the rest of the team in order to compete in this event.

When do we have to register our fifth player?

A team can register a fifth player at any time; even after the competition starts. They must list a roster of four team members during the team meeting. If teams wish to have potential fifth players register prior to the start of the event, they can have them register on the event’s “post-deadline” site in advance and reserve their “declaration” of a fifth player for later on. Head officials appreciate not having to worry about taking care of registration details during the event, unless necessary, as they are quite busy managing event details. If a team wants to register a fifth player but not yet declare them, notification should be provided to as soon as possible, before the start of the event.

Can I register on a weekend to become a team’s fifth player?

If it is a weekend and the national office is closed, you can still register online as a fifth player, even at an event venue, as long as an internet connection is available. As of an event’s registration deadline date and time (11:59 p.m. Central time), the registration site use becomes restricted to fifth player and coach registrations only. The event’s Head Official will need to see proof of your completed registration (confirmation) and any other applicable pieces of registration documentation, such as proof of citizenship, before you will be allowed onto the ice to compete.

If my region’s Club Nationals team won and we want to have an individual from another team join us for the National event as our fifth player, is that okay?

It is acceptable for a player from another team, which has already been eliminated from a competition, to become another team’s fifth player at a subsequent level of play. Players that already registered do not have to reregister in this case. For the Club Nationals, it is important to keep in mind that your team members must be dues-paying, league-playing members of the same USCA Member curling club.

Proof of Citizenship:

Which events require proof of citizenship?

Any USA Curling championship event that leads to a World Championship event, requires all registrants to provide acceptable proof of citizenship. The Club Nationals require competitors to be citizens or residents of the United States of America, but providing proof is not required (see the USCA Championships Rules Book for residency requirements).

How do I provide proof of citizenship?

Proof of citizenship can be a legible photocopy of U.S. Passport photo/personal page or a notarized statement from a witness seeing your U.S. Naturalization Certificate or your US Birth Certificate/Certificate of Birth (notary public certification of seeing your proof must provide us with your full name, date of birth, and place of birth along with seal). Registrants from states employing the enhanced drivers license requirements may use this document as acceptable proof as well.

How can I get a notarized statement of my birth certificate?

You should be able to get a notarized statement at your local courthouse (or sometimes at your bank). The notary should record your complete name (first, middle and last), date of birth, and place of birth (state such as PA or WI), and affix his or her notary public seal and contact information. You should then forward the information to the national office.

Where and how should I send my proof of citizenship?

You can scan and email it to, fax it to 715-344-2279, or if there is plenty of time before the deadline date, you can mail it to the office at: USCA, 5525 Clem’s Way, Stevens Point, WI 54482. If faxing, please make sure the copy is legible; many faxes arrive illegible or are quite difficult to read. After acceptable proof is received, your name will be added to the list on the Web site. If proof of citizenship is all that was missing from your entry application materials, your name can then be joined to the team’s roster, enabling others on your team to see that you’ve completed your portion of the team’s application.

I submitted my proof of citizenship a day or so ago. How can I tell if you’ve received it or not?

If we’ve received acceptable proof of citizenship, your name will be added to the list on the Championships page of the website. The list is updated about once a week during the curling season, and more often when an event deadline is approaching. If you’ve already checked but didn’t see your name listed, please let us know. Sometimes faxes are not legible. Sometimes an email can be inadvertently overlooked among the thousands that arrive during the busy curling season. If your proof of citizenship is insufficient, we’ll let you know via email or telephone (if you’ve provided contact information).

Do I have to wait until my name shows up on the proof of citizenship list before I register for an event?

You can register first and then provide your proof of citizenship if you like; the way it is done isn’t important. The important thing is to make sure that we have acceptable proof of citizenship prior to the deadline date and time.

Inspired by an invitation to compete on a team for a USCA championship event, I applied for U.S. Citizenship in June of this year. I have been notified of my interview which is prior to the event registration deadline. If my citizenship is awarded, will I be eligible to compete?

If your team will accept the condition that they commit to playing in the event regardless of whether your citizenship is granted or not, this should be acceptable. If for some reason, your citizenship doesn’t go through, the team should have a fifth player standing by, fully prepared to register for the event in your place. If your citizenship is granted, official documentation from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Department, must be provided to the National Office (or Chief Umpire at the venue if necessary) as proof of citizenship prior to stepping onto the ice as an event participant.

I coach a junior team.  One of my girls who started her curling career at our club is a legal resident of the United States and has a Green Card but is a citizen of another country.  Is she ineligible for the U.S. Junior Nationals? If not, is there some sort of waiver process or exemption she could qualify for?

As stated within the Championships Rules Book, all Junior Nationals competitors must be U.S. citizens as of the registration deadline date. There is no waiver process or exemption.

Qualified teams:

How can I find out which teams have qualified for the Nationals (from the regional playdowns)?

As soon as possible, team rosters are posted in the Championships section of the USA Curling website.

Refund and Withdrawal Policy:

What is the USCA’s refund and withdrawal policy?

The refund and withdrawal policy will be stated within the USCA Rules Book which is posted on the USA Curling website in the championships section. Please refer to the Rules Book for more details.

Regional Championships:

Do you have any of the information about the regional event that I’m registered to compete in? Do you know the number of teams or the draw schedule?

The USCA regions are responsible for determining their representatives to the Junior Men’s and Junior Women’s Nationals, Men’s Club and Women’s Club Nationals, and the Mixed Nationals. Regions are encouraged to use the time-honored traditions of the existing championships, and to use the USCA format formula described within the Championships Rules Book. Please contact the regional chairperson that is listed under the respective event within the playdown area of the event you're competing in posted in the Championships section.

How do you determine which teams get the open spot to the Nationals, if a region didn’t have any teams register for the Club Nationals?

For the Club Nationals regional qualifiers, one team is allotted from each of the following regions: Alaska, At-Large (Colorado/Nebraska/At-Large clubs), GLCA (Great Lakes Curling Assn.), GNCC (Grand National Curling Club of America), Illinois, Minnesota, MoPac (Mountain Pacific), North Dakota, Washington and Wisconsin. If any of the regions do not field a team, the vacant slot is filled so that ten teams will compete. Vacant slots are filled beginning with the region with the most playdown entries and proceeds with the other regions in order of entries. No region may send additional teams unless a minimum of three teams played-down. Ties are broken by using the previous season’s entry totals; if necessary, the entry totals from the season prior to that will be used. For the Club Nationals event, a region needs only to have one team enter to hold its slot at the National event.

What is the difference between the Junior Nationals/Mixed Nationals policies and the Club Nationals policy?

For the Junior Nationals and Mixed Nationals there must be at least two teams registered within a region for a qualifying event to take place. If only one team registers, the regional playdown event is cancelled, and the team must agree to playdown in the most proximate region or withdraw from the competition. For the Club Nationals event, each region has a spot in the event regardless of how many teams register; unless no teams register, then the open spot goes to another region.

How is the “most proximate” region for the Junior Nationals or Mixed Nationals determined?

The most proximate region is determined by the Championships Committee but consideration as to the team’s region of preference may be given. The open slot to the Nationals is fielded the same way it is for the Club Nationals event (see related question and answer).

Why does the Men’s and Women’s Club Nationals Championship eligibility rules require that all members of the team be from the same USCA club, when the Mixed Nationals rules require two team members be from that region? 

Starting in the early 2000’s, Olympic participation required that only U.S. Citizens compete in the Men’s and Women’s National Championships.  At the time, this was very controversial on the East and West coasts because there were a large number of non-citizens who paid dues and supported curling, and up to that point were eligible to compete in the national championship.  As a kind of compromise, the Club Nationals was created as an event that everyone – citizens and non-citizens alike – could compete in.  Requiring all four team members to belong to the same club is consistent with pre-Olympic era eligibility rules.

The Mixed Nationals is a much older event.  The eligibility rules are more relaxed primarily as an incentive for regions with few curlers to send a team to the nationals.  The relaxed rule is meant to help regions with fewer curlers be represented at the Mixed Nationals. 

Request for Ruling:

What is a RFR?

Teams requesting a determination as to where the team will be allowed to playdown, must complete the RFR, or request for ruling form, and submit it to The team notes on the form, where they prefer to playdown. If, for example, a team had two players from Texas and two players from Minnesota, a completed RFR form would be required by the committee in order to decide if the team would playdown in Texas or Minnesota. 

When is a RFR required?

A request for ruling is required when a team has two players from one region and two players from another region. It is also required if a team has five players consisting of two from one region, two from another region and the other from a third region. If all players are from separate regions, a RFR is required. A team registering for the Mixed Nationals must have at least two players who reside in the region where the team will play down. According to the Championship Rules Book, a player is generally considered to reside where he or she lives. Questions regarding clarification or interpretation of the rules, also require a RFR.


Is it mandatory for a curling club to be a member of USA Curling?

Membership is only mandatory if a club’s members wish to compete in any National Championships, or if they wish to receive any of the other numerous benefits associated with being a USA Curling Member Club. Association membership is required of all clubs that belong to any USCA regional associations. Of course, USA Curling would like all curling clubs to belong to the National Association, but some choose to remain isolated.

What should I do if I have a question about the rules of curling?

If you have a question about the rules of curling, you should refer to the Rules Book located online in the championships section. If you cannot find your answer there, you can email your question to Please keep in mind that it is extremely busy at the National office during the championships season, however, we’ll do everything possible to answer you in a timely manner. Athletes are expected and required to familiarize themselves with the Championships Rules if competing in a championship event.

What should I do if I would like to suggest a change to the rules of curling?

Please send your suggestion to Rule change suggestions are brought before the championships committee. The committee will discuss the suggestion and decide if any changes should be implemented.

Please keep in mind that it is extremely busy at the National office during the championships season but we will do our best to reply to you as soon as possible.


We’re playing in Mixed Doubles this year and I noticed that you have me listed as skip and my partner listed as vice-skip. Can you change that around? The team should have my partner’s last name, not mine.

For the Mixed Doubles Championship, it doesn’t matter which last name the team is named after because both individuals will skip the team. The purpose of the label of “skip,” is simply to give the team a title through the event process. Usually, whichever person on the team registers first and provides the information will dictate who the team is named after. At certain clubs, it has been reported that it is traditional for the team to use the female curler’s last name for the title of skip for the Mixed Doubles championship.


Do shirts and pants have to be identical for all team members?

Uniforms should be as identical as possible. Therefore, outer playing garments should be the same. However, if one player has a certain brand of black pants and another player has a different brand of black pants but both pairs of pants look similar enough, that is acceptable. Style should match as closely as possible.

Our team won the regional playdown for the At-Large (Colorado/Nebraska/At-Large clubs) Region when competing in another state (also a region) due to the fill policy. What state name do we put onto the back of our playing garments?

The state name that a team puts onto their uniforms should be the state that the team is representing.

How many sets of uniforms are required for national events?

Only one set of uniforms is required for use at the Nationals.


I cannot see the line scores of the event that I’m trying to view on the Web site. Is something wrong?

Occasionally, there may be technicalities that prevent line scores from being shown. We try to make sure that problems are fixed as quickly as possible, so you can go back to keeping an eye on how your teams are doing. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

There are four of us interested in entering a team for the Senior Ladies Nationals Bonspiel. I found this info earlier when I was looking, but now I cannot find it. Where would I find more information? 

You should visit the U.S. Women’s Curling Association website for this information and to register.