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The USA Archery Mail-In Tournament is a GREAT way to test your skills against archers across the country, from the comfort of your home archery range. This tournament runs year round!

Traditionally one of the most fun and least expensive tournaments of the year, the USA Archery Mail-In Tournament Series offers new and experienced youth and adult archers the opportunity to participate in a national competition without ever leaving their home archery range, and at a very low cost.

Students in JOAD as well as Adult Archery Program are encouraged to participate; archers may also combine to enter a team score for a small additional fee, and join the exciting team competition. Through these events, archers of all ages and experience levels are able to experience the fun and excitement of a national tournament, see where they would rank in a national competition, and learn valuable team building and goal-setting skills. For more information, including complete rules, registration forms and contact information, read the information below.

Click here for USA Archery Mail-In Tournament Rules and Fees

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USA Archery Mail-In Tournament Schedule:

  • 1st Quarter Indoor JOAD Mail In Tournament runs January 15-March 31
  • 2nd Quarter Outdoor JOAD Mail In Tournament runs April 15-June 30
  • 3rd Quarter Outdoor JOAD Mail In Tournament runs July 15-September 30
  • 4th Quarter Indoor JOAD Mail In Tournament runs October 15-December 31

For the fourth and final quarter of 2014, USA Archery is excited to announce an Indoor Mail-In Tournament with a holiday theme. This nationwide event kicked off on October 15th, and will continue through December 31st.

To enter this quarter’s Club Spirit Award, clubs should demonstrate participation in a holiday-themed archery event for the Mail-In Tournament, and send their photos to USA Archery. Holiday themes can include any holiday that takes place in the fourth quarter.

Clubs must submit both individual and team round scores, as well as photos, to be eligible to win this quarter’s prize: a JOAD Club Banner from USA Archery’s online shop. The winning club will show the most spirit, enthusiasm and commitment to the holiday theme. Photos may be submitted to USA Archery along with Mail-In Tournament entry forms. 

For more questions please contact Jon Taylor  (

Click here to download the registration/report form.

All registration/report forms should be emailed or mailed to:

*Mail Checks:

USA Archery, c/o USA Archery Mail In, 4065 Sinton Road, Suite 110, Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Email: *Make checks payable to “USA Archery,” and include “’X’ Qtr 2014 USA Archery Mail In” in the memo