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What is a Judge and How Do I Find One? 

USA Archery's Judges officiate tournaments on the local, state, regional, national and international levels. USA Archery Judges work to ensure fairness and integrity on the field of play at all times by enforcing competition regulations. Click here for a list of judges who can officiate at your tournament.

Judge Merchandise

  • If you are a Judge, and would like to order shirts, accessories or tools, click here.

Judge Resources: 

How Do I Become a Judge?

To apply to be accepted as a Certified Judge you must: 

In order to complete the test, you will require an up-to-date World Archery Rule book. Return the application and payment to Sheri Rhodes at  To phone in your credit card number, please call 719-866-3450

Once you meet all the requirements and pass the test, your name will be added to our mailing list for Judge related correspondence. Your training will consist primarily at being involved at the State and Regional level working along side more experienced Judges. If you choose to progress as a Judge, you can move on to the National, Continental and International Judge levels. Judges must agree to comply with established standards in place for re-certification. 

How Do I Share Feedback About the Judge Program?

If you'd like to share feedback about the Judge Program, please send an email to

How Do I Submit Feedback About My Experience With a Judge? 

Please fill out the contact form below. Your feedback will be emailed to us automatically.