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Dear Friend of the US Biathlon Team,

Looking back over the last three years, I am in awe of all our team has accomplished with the help of our loyal supporters.  For the first time in our history three different athletes won World Cup medals in a single season, and more medals were won at the Youth and Junior World Championships than ever before. Last season we celebrated personal-bests by our athletes nearly every week on the World Cup. We ended the season with six athletes on the team who have finished top-16, which is just a shot away from a medal. This is the kind of depth we have been striving for because it is a clear indicator of a future where medal-winning performances are a weekly occurrence.  Donations from our members and supporters helped to make this progress possible.

With your support imagine where we can be three years from now. In just under 1000 days, a team of American biathletes will become Olympians, marching into the opening ceremonies of the 2018 Winter Games behind the Stars and Stripes.  Between now and then, each athlete will ski, run and bike enough miles to circle the globe.  They will train everyday inspired by the challenge of competing to be the best, of achieving excellence on the world stage, of winning America’s first Olympic medal in biathlon.  That is a remarkable challenge indeed and it is one that, with your help, our athletes are ready to achieve.  As they live out their bold dreams on this Olympic journey, they will inspire the next generation of young Americans, while reminding us all of our own potential.

The support you give today will help the athletes make progress faster, rise to a new level sooner.  Your gift and your encouragement will be with them for nearly three years before the Olympic Games, multiplying its effect on their training.  And now there is another multiplier – a group of Board members and staff will match every contribution made in June 2015 dollar-for-dollar until we reach $40,000!

Donations from members and supporters fostered the remarkable progress of the last three years. Today, you have a chance to join the athletes in their journey, making the next three years even more exciting and those 17 days in the winter of 2018 spectacular. Please join me in making a gift today so the multipliers of time and matching dollars can support this inspiring group of young Americans, who will represent all of us at the Olympic Games, now when they need you the most.

Please click the PayPal logo below to make a secure donation now or send a check to US Biathlon, 49 Pineland Dr, Suite 301A, New Gloucester, ME 04260. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.


Max Cobb
President & CEO

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Please support our athletes with a donation in the amount you can afford. 

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Contributions to the US Biathlon Team are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.