Excellence starts with you. Join the team that embraces the same incredible work ethic you do. More than 375 people from California to Colorado to New York make up the USOC team.

People in marketing and sports administration. Nutrition and sport science. These people are here because they want careers. They want to pursue excellence. And they want a little fun.

Hiring Process and Benefits

The USOC makes it a priority to seek out the finest people. We look for energy. We look for diversity. We look for the greatest candidates ready to hoist the greatest team in America to victory. Our team. Read about our hiring process and our full benefits package here.

Mission and

Immeasurable passion. Unparalleled talent. Unyielding drive. These are the ingredients to building a triumphant team and driving the human spirit to unprecedented heights. Discover how these traits shaped our mission statement.


Determination and competitiveness are invaluable to Team USA. But principles and ethics serve as the true testament embodying the professionalism of the USOC. See our core values here, showing why we're a positive role model to all of America. And the world.

Olympic Sport Jobs

Along with jobs at the USOC, the National Governing Bodies offer even more job openings. Think of organizations like USA Swimming. USA Hockey. The possibilities are endless, but the opportunities can be yours only if you apply now.


Start your career before you even finish college. Excellent opportunities are now open to driven, determined people striving to make a difference for America. And themselves. Join our team now.


The USOC recruits volunteers for the Olympic Gameas as well as community volunteers to support the USOC and American National Sport Governing Organizations in Colorado Springs, CO, Chula Vista, CA, and Lake Placid, NY.


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