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The purpose of the National Medical Network is driven by its vision statement:

“The United States Olympic Committee Sports Medicine Network will support Olympic and Paralympic athletes’ performance through the comprehensive preparation, maintenance and enhancement of the athlete’s health while providing new medical resources in collaboration with the NGBs.”

Get answers to our most commonly asked questions below: 

Who has access to these medical services?
Athletes who are enrolled in or eligible for the Elite Athlete Health Insurance Program; athletes who sustain an injury during training or USOC –sponsored/sanctioned competitions at an U.S. Olympic Training Center.

How do I receive access to these medical services?
Contact Cory Warner, USOC National Medical Network director. He can be reached by email at

Where are medical services located and what specialties are offered?
Participating facilities in Colorado and New York offer a broad array of services including:
• orthopedic
• neurosurgery
• primary care
• physical medicine

Specialties are consistently being added; contact Cory Warner for a complete listing.

Is travel assistance available?
Travel assistance is dependent upon the location and may include airline tickets, transportation to and from the facilities and housing.

Do I have to seek medical care through this network or can I go to any provider?
No, you can seek care with any medical provider that you chose. However, in order to benefit from the services and manage your personal expenses, you will have to seek care within the USOC National Medical Network. The USOC is striving to further develop this network of care nationally to meet your needs. 

What are the benefits of this program?
Athletes will benefit from the collaborative and multidisciplinary approach to medical care that combines expert opinions from both the provider and USOC sports medicine experts.

How are medical partnerships determined?
Medical partners are selected based on an USOC invitation-only policy that incorporates the direct medical needs, as well as NMN provider’s sports medicine/performance expertise and experience.

If I have questions about the program, who do I contact?
Cory Warner, M.H.A. M.P.T.
Director, USOC National Medical Network