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The Athlete Pledge:
I pledge to uphold the spirit of the Code of Conduct (Code), which offers a general guide to my conduct as a member of the Team. I hereby acknowledge that I have been informed that the Grievance Procedures provide me with the right to a hearing if my opportunity to participate is denied for any reason or if I am charged with any violation of the Code.

Code of Conduct for Athletes- Example from London Games of what athletes were required to sign as a condition to participation.

USOC Generic Code of Conduct - Example of a generic Code of Conduct that NGBs can adopt, if they so choose. NGBs can base their Code of Conduct off of this example, add to it, modify it, or not use it at all, in order to fit their needs.

USOC Code of Conduct for employees, volunteers, board members, committee and task force members and member orgnizations of the USOC (i.e. NGBs)