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Wondering what's happening on the Road to London today? Each weekday, our Road to London video series (see a recent edition above) chronicles the efforts of Team USA athletes competing for a coveted spot in London. Check out the countdown to Opening Ceremony with the handy clock above, then check in with hosts Jessica Vilchis, Rossi Morreale and Olympic gold medalist Dain Blanton for a new edition of Road to London each weekday. And don't forget to check out the full archive of previous Road to London Episodes!

On July 27, 2012, the London 2012 Olympic Games will commence with the Opening Ceremony of the XXX Olympiad, and extend through Aug. 12, followed by the London 2012 Paralympic Games Aug. 29-Sept. 9. London will become the first city to host three Olympic Games, though this will mark the city’s first Paralympics. The last time London played host to the Games, in 1948, 4,104 athletes from 59 nations competed in 17 sports. This time, 10,500 athletes from 204 nations will compete in 26 sports, while 4,200 Paralympic athletes will compete in 20 sports.

Team USA athletes have spent countless hours, days, months and years training in hopes of earning a spot on the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic teams. Olympic Trials, competitions used by many sports to name athletes to the London 2012 team, began in the fall of 2010 and will continue through July 2012. Visit often to meet your team as they earn highly coveted spots on the roster along the Road to London.

Also, check out the Road to London Tour, a five-stop interactive experience bringing the spirit and excitement of the Games to Team USA fans around the country. The tour will include athlete meet-and-greet autograph sessions, fan sport experiences, interactive elements, Team USA giveaways and sponsor engagement. 

All of the Road to London Tour stops are free and open to the public. The tour will make the following stops in 2012:

Jan. 12-14 Houston, Texas Discovery Green U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Track & Field (Marathon)
Feb. 18 Salt Lake City, Utah Gateway Mall Ten-year anniversary of the Salt Lake City 2002 Games
April 18 New York City, N.Y. Times Square 100 Day Countdown to the London 2012 Games
June 28-July 1 San Jose, Calif. TBD U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Gymnastics (Artistic)
July 13 Chicago, Ill. TBD U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame/Team USA Digital Send-Off

Date Sport Location Event
 9-12 Table tennis Cary, N.C. U.S. trials (selection to seek direct qualification)
 12-19 Boxing Airway Heights, Wash. Women's U.S. trials (selection to seek direct qualification)
 15-26 Field hockey New Delhi, India Qualifying tournament (team qualification)
 20-26 Diving London World Cup (quota spots)
 23-26 Shooting Camp Perry, Ohio U.S. airgun trials, final (final U.S. qualification)
Date Sport Location Event
 1 Equestrian TBD Dressage (final ranking)
 2-3 Weightlifting Columbus, Ohio U.S. men's championships (selection to seek quota spot)
 4 Weightlifting Columbus, Ohio U.S. women's trials (U.S. qualification)
 10-11 Canoe/kayak, slalom Foz do Iguassu, Brazil Pan American championships (quota spots)
 10-11 Taekwondo Colorado Springs U.S. trials (final U.S. qualification)
 15-17 Rowing Chula Vista, Calif. National Selection Regatta (U.S. qualification)
 20-29 Sailing Cadiz, Spain World championships, women's windsurfing (quota spot)
 21-24 Equestrian Wellington, Fla. U.S. trials, jumping (U.S. qualification)
 22-April 2 Soccer Nashville; Kansas City, Kan.; Carson, Calif. Men's regional qualifying tournament (team qualification)
 23-25 Wrestling Orlando Pan American qualifier (quota spots)
 25-April 1 Table tennis Dortmund, Germany World team championships (quota spots)
Date Sport Location Event
 2 Fencing TBD Final ranking (quota spots)
 4-8 Cycling (track) TBD World championships (last event for ranking purposes and quota spots)
 9-12 Rowing Chula Vista, Calif. National Selection Regatta and non-qualified small boat trials (U.S. qualification)
 12-14 Canoe/kayak Charlotte, N.C. U.S. slalom trials (points toward qualification)
 13-16 Fencing Virginia Beach U.S. championships (points toward qualification)
 18-22 Synchronized swimming London Olympic qualifying tournament (team qualification)
 20-21 Canoe/kayak Oklahoma City U.S. sprint trials (final U.S. qualification)
 20-22 Table tennis Cary, N.C. North American qualifier (direct qualification)
 20-23 Wrestling Iowa City U.S. trials (U.S. qualification)
 20-25 Archery Medellin, Colombia Continental Qualification Tournament (quota spots)
 22-24 Fencing Chile Qualifying for the Americas (quota spots/direct qualification)
 23-28 Archery Chula Vista, Calif. Second Nomination Shoot (U.S. qualification)
 27 Swimming Fort Myers, Fla. U.S. women's open water trial (selection to seek direct qualification)
 27-29 Wrestling Taiyuan, China Olympic qualifier (quota spots)
Date Sport Location Event
 1 Judo TBD Final ranking (direct qualification)
 3 Badminton TBD Final ranking (quota spots/direct qualification)
 4-6 Rowing Belgrade, Serbia World Cup (direct qualification)
 4-6 Wrestling Helsinki, Finland Olympic qualifier (quota spots)
 4-9 Sailing Weymouth, England Women's match racing, U.S. trial (final U.S. qualification)
 4-13 Boxing Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Men's qualifier for the Americas (direct qualification)
 4-13 Volleyball TBD Men's qualification tournament (team qualification)
 7-13 Modern Pentathlon Rome World championships (quota spots/direct qualification)
 9-20 Boxing Qinhuangdao, China women's world championships (direct qualification)
 10-12 Triathlon San Diego World Championship Series (U.S. qualification)
 10-13 Table tennis Doha, Qatar Final qualifier (direct qualification)
 11-19 Weightlifting Antigua, Guatemala Pan American Championships (quota spot/final U.S. qualification)
 27 Swimming Fort Myers, Fla. U.S. women's open water trial (selection to seek direct qualification)
 17-20 Shooting Tucson, Ariz. U.S. shotgun trials, final (final U.S. qualification)
 20-23 Rowing Lucerne, Switzerland Qualification regatta (quota spots)
 23 Cycling (mountain bike) TBD Final ranking (quota spots; may also affect U.S. qualification)
 25-27 Rowing Lucerne, Switzerland World Cup (direct qualification)
 25-27 Cycling (BMX) TBD World championships (quota spots)
 28 Cycling (BMX) TBD Final ranking (quota spots)
 30-June 9 Shooting Fort Benning, Ga. U.S. pistol/rifle smallbore trials, final (final U.S. qualification)
 31 Triathlon TBD Final rankings (quota spots)
 31 Cycling (road) TBD Final ranking (quota spots)
Date Sport Location Event
 1-3 Archery Colorado Springs Third Nomination Shoot (final U.S. qualification)
 1 Modern Pentathlon TBD Final rankings (quota spots/direct qualification)
 2-9 Volleyball Tokyo Men's qualification tournament (team qualification)
 8-10 Volleyball Rome and Berlin Men's qualification tournaments (team qualification)
 8-10 Canoe/kayak, slalom Cardiff, Wales World Cup (final U.S. qualification)
 8-17 Equestrian (dressage) Gladstone, N.J. U.S. trials (final U.S. qualification)
 9-10 Swimming Sebutal, Portugal Women's open water qualifier (quota spots/direct qualification)
 11 Tennis TBD Final ranking (direct qualification)
 11-14 Rowing   Olympic trials (if necessary; final U.S. qualification)
 16 Cycling (BMX) Chula Vista, Calif. U.S. men's trials (U.S. qualification)
 17-24 Diving Seattle U.S. trials (final U.S. qualification)
 18 Basketball   U.S. teams named (deadline for team selection)
 18 Volleyball   U.S. teams named (deadline for team selection)
 18 Water polo   U.S. teams named (deadline for team selection)
 18 Beach volleyball   Final ranking (quota spots/direct qualification)
 22-July 1 Track and field Eugene, Ore. U.S. trials (final U.S. qualification)
 25 Field hockey   U.S. teams named (deadline for team selection)
 25-July 2 Swimming Omaha, Neb. U.S. trials (final U.S. qualification)
 27-28 Trampoline San Jose, Calif. U.S. Championships (final U.S. qualification)
 28-July 1 Gymnastics (artistic) San Jose, Calif. U.S. trials (final U.S. qualification)
 31 Triathlon TBD Final rankings (quota spots)
 31 Cycling (road) TBD Final ranking (quota spots)
Date   Location Event
 27-Aug. 12
   London Olympic Games
Date   Location Event
 29-Sept. 9
   London Paralympic Games