Sixth Ring Membership

About the Sixth Ring 
The Sixth Ring is a select group of individuals who have given $100 or more to help Team USA athletes obtain the critical training, housing and equipment they need to compete with — and beat — the best in the world. Sixth Ring members, through their leadership giving, spearhead the USA's effort for the Olympic Games. Remember, America doesn't send its athletes to the Olympic Games, Americans do! Will you help today? Become a member of the Sixth Ring and lead the team to victory!

How the Program Works 
The Bronze through Gold levels reset with each Olympic Games cycle and are only valid for that cycle. For example, members who join now will be Sochi Games Sixth Ring members and will need to rejoin after the Sochi Games end to begin chasing the gold for Rio de Janeiro in 2016. Flag Bearer and above will achieve lifetime member status and never reset.