Preparing Athletes for the Games

Team USA proudly receives much of its funds for training, competition, and sport development programs from Americans like you—Americans who believe in the Olympic Movement and in Olympic values, who understand the power of sport to change lives, break down barriers, and to bring nations together in peace. 

Each year, $25,000 is spent in preparing just one elite athlete for the Olympic or Paralympic Games. This investment includes sport performance services, direct member support, Olympic Training Centers and international competitions. Without gracious support of donors like you, Team USA would lack these training necessities. 

Your support equips athletes with better training experiences and convenient facilities at a fourth of the cost of seeking these services individually. 

Housing Athletes stay at the training center in dormitory or suite-style living. Conveniently located on complex, facilities such as training gyms and the dining hall are only a short walk away. Lounge areas provide computers, game tables, video gaming systems, and TV's perfect for unwinding after a successful day of training. 

Nutrition Sport dietitians work with athletes through the training year and competitive seasons providing full nutritional assessments and suggestions while at home and abroad. Menus provide a high quality antioxidant-rich offering of fruits & vegetables, whole grains, heart healthy fats and a wide variety of lean protein to promote a healthy immune system and enhance fueling to optimal performance and recovery.

Sports Psychology Exceptional mental skills are necessary for exceptional Olympic performances. Psychological professionals consult teams, coaches, and athletes to assist with the mental and psychological preparation needed to perform at the elite level. 

Physiology By determining an athlete's performance strengths and weaknesses, training programs and recovery can be optimally designed to aspire to Citius, Fortius, Altius—"Faster, Higher, Stronger." Professionals help athletes evaluate training load, periodization and recovery to maximize performance.

Library Services  Cutting-edge periodical, journal, coaching and scientific resources maximize knowledge in the latest training methods and medical breakthroughs providing athletes with the best information available.  
Strength and Conditioning  Education Premier strength and conditioning programs are crucial for increased performance and decreased injury potential. Athletes benefit from increased skill acquisition, balance, coordination, quickness, physical fitness, confidence, self-esteem, quicker recovery times, and mental toughness.  

Life Skills Training Seminars equip athletes with performance lifestyle management skills from safe and healthy cooking demonstrations to marketing oneself to media training, in order to develop well-rounded athletes who are prepared for life on and off the playing field.