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Lisa Wang


Wang graduated high school in January 2007 and has been accepted to Yale University. She will take a year off school to train. She's planning to study international studies and/or journalism. She is the daughter of Ping and Cindy Wang. She has one younger brother, Jordan. Wang says that her parents are her role models because her mom is honest, friendly, and supportive, and her dad works very hard at everything he does.

Personal Information
Hometown: Buffalo Grove, IL,
Began Gymnastics In: 1998
How did you get involved?: We had a fine arts day in third grade and I couldn't decide between the beanie baby-making class or rhythmic gymnastics. In the end, I decided to give rhythmic a try. After the class, I was hooked!
Favorite Gymnastics Thing: I love the thrill of competition and the feeling of working hard towards a goal. It is the most amazing and gratifying reward when all of your hard work pays off.
Goals: to be a role model and to make it to the 2008 Olympic Games.
School: Stevenson High School
Grade: 12th
Favorite School Subject: English

Interests Outside the Gym
Favorite Music/Book: pop, hip-hop
Favorite TV Show: King of Queens, So You Think You Can Dance?, Will & Grace, Desperate Housewives
Favorite Food: Ice cream and chocolate!
Hobbies: reading, writing, friends, internet
Charity: I do charity work through the National Honor Society and also help out at my local library.

National Competition Results
2008 Rhythmic Challenge, Colorado Springs, Colo.: 1st-AA
2007 Visa Championships, San Jose, Calif.: 1st-AA, HP, CL; 2nd-RP, RB
2007 Rhythmic Challenge, Colorado Springs, Colo.: 1st-AA
2006 Visa Championships, St. Paul, Minn.: 1st-AA, BA, RB; 2nd-RP; 5th-CL
2006 Rhythmic Challenge, Colorado Springs, Colo.: 5th-AA
2005 Visa Championships, Indianapolis, Ind.: 1st-BA, CL, RB; 2nd-AA, RP, RB
2005 Rhythmic Challenge, Colorado Springs, Colo.: 2nd-AA
2004 U.S Olympic Team Trials, San Jose, Calif.: 3rd-AA
2004 Visa Championships, Nashville, Tenn.: 2nd-HP, CL, RB; 3rd-AA, BA
2004 Rhythmic Challenge, Colorado Springs, Colo.: 2nd-AA
2003 National Championships, Milwaukee, Wis.: 2nd-CL; 3rd-AA, HP, BA; 7th-RB
2002 U.S. Championships, Cleveland, Ohio: 1st-HP, CL; 2nd-AA, BA, RB (Jr. Div)
2002 Eastern Championships, New Orleans, La.: 1st-AA (Jr. Div)
2002 Western Championships, Portland, Ore.: 1st-AA (Jr. Div)
2002 Rhythmic Challenge, Colorado Springs, Colo.: 1st-AA (Jr. Div)
2001 National Championships, Philadelphia, Pa.: 1st-AA, BA, RB; 2nd-CL; 3rd-HP (Jr. Div)
2001 Eastern Championships, Hartford, Conn.: 1st-AA (Jr. Div)
2001 Western Championships, San Rafael, Calif.: 1st-AA (Jr. Div)
2001 Rhythmic Challenge, Colorado Springs, Colo.: 4th-AA (Jr. Div)
2000 John Hancock U.S. Gymnastics Championships, St. Louis, Mo.: 10th-AA (Jr. Div)
2000 Western Championships, Bloomfield Hills, Mich.: 3rd-AA (Jr. Div)

International Competition Results
2008 Pacific Rim Gymnastics Championships, San Jose, Calif.: 1st-Team, HP; 2nd-AA, RP, RB; 3rd-CL
2007 World Championships, Patras, Greece:
2007 Senior Pan Am Games, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: 1st-AA; 1st-RB; 2nd-CL; 2nd-RP
2007 Marbella Grand Prix, Marbella, Spain: 16th-AA
2006 Baltic Cup, Gdynia, Poland: 3rd-BA; 4th-AA, CL, RB; 5th-RP
2005 Pan American Championships, Vitoria, Brazil: 1st-Team
2005 Belarus Grand Prix, Minsk, Belarus: 28th-AA
2005 Tournoi International De Gymnastique, Corbeil Essones, France: 9th-Team; 30th-AA
2005 Julieta Shismanova International Tournament, Bourgas, Bulgaria: 21st-AA
2005 Derugina Cup, Kiev, Ukraine: 18th-AA
2005 Baltic Hoop, Riga, Latvia: 6th-AA
2004 Julieta Shismanova International Tournament, Bourgas, Bulgaria: 7th-AA
2004 Tournoi International De Gymnastique, Corbeil Essones, France: 5th-Team; 30th-AA
2004 Pacific Alliance Championships, Honolulu, Hawaii: 2nd-Team; 8th-AA
2003 World Championships, Budapest, Hungary: 70th-AA
2003 Pan American Games, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic:
2003 International Tournament of Sofia Grand Prix, Sofia, Bulgaria: 15th-AA
2003 World Cup, Baku, Azerbaijan: 16th-AA
2003 Danube Cup, Bratislava, Slovakia: 2nd-HP, BA, CL; 6th-AA
2002 Pacific Alliance Championships, Vancouver, B.C., Canada: 1st-Team, AA, HP, BA, CL, RB
2001 4 Continents Championships, Curitiba, Brazil: 8th-AA
2001 Danube Cup, Bratislava, Slovakia: 4th-AA

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