Number: 25

Position: Midfield

Height: 6ft

Caps: 14

Years on National Team:  

  • 2009-10 USA National Squad

USA Hometown: Rockport, Washington

High School:ʉ۬Concrete High School


  • St Andrews College, Dublin

Occupation: Student

  • Early Career -
  • International Highlights


Nickname: Leeboy, Le Boi, White Chocolate



Favorite place to play:  

Most played song on your ipod: 

LIttle Lion Man- Mumford and Sons




Favorite Activity outside of field hockey: 


One item you can’t live without when traveling to tournaments: my hockey stick

Favorite Pre-game Meal: spaghetti

Necessary Pre-game ritual: emptying my bladder (necessary simply because I"ve been hydrating)

Least Favorite Training Exercise: 

warm-ups and outletting

Favorite Store: REI


Favorite Field Hockey Memory: Winning a place in the Junior World Cup at the Jr Pan American Championships against Canada in Trinidad and Tobago in 2008. Also getting my first men's international cap in Canada after getting called into the lineup from the sideline after I had travelled up from my university in Washington state to watch the game.

Career Aspirations after Hockey: unknown

How did you start playing hockey: I was introduced to the sport in Elementary school while living in Ireland, but I really only began playing the sport when I started playing with Monkstown Hockey Club in Dublin