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Katie Uhlaender

Bobsled & Skeleton

  • 2006
  • 2010
  • 2014

HEIGHT 5'3"    WEIGHT 135 lbs.

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Katie Uhlaender was born on Tuesday July 17, 1984 in Vail, Colo. She is an American skeleton racer who has competed since 2003. She won four medals at the FIBT World Championships with one silver (women's skeleton: 2008) and three bronzes (women's skeleton: 2007, mixed bobsleigh-skeleton team event: 2008, 2009).

Uhlaender won the women's skeleton world cup title twice (2006-07, 2007-08). She also finished sixth in the women's skeleton event at the 2006 Torino Winter Olympic Games. She earned a medical waiver to compete in the 2009-10 skeleton world cup season following surgery in the wake of an April 2009 snowmobile accident, where Uhlaender shattered her kneecap, and broke it again in August 2009 (having a total of four surgeries).

A native of Vail, Colo., Uhlaender now lives in nearby Breckenridge. She is the daughter of former Major League Baseball outfielder and Cleveland Indians coach, Ted Uhlaender. In memory of her father, she wears his National League Championship ring from the 1972 Cincinnati Reds on a necklace.

It was announced on January 16, 2010 that Uhlaender qualified for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver where she finished 11th. Uhlaender then had another surgery (micro fracture labral repair by Dr. Phillipon at Steadman Hawkins).

On January 18, 2014, Uhlaender was named to the 2014 Olympic team. She placed fourth at the 2014 Olympics, missing the medal stand by .04 seconds.

Uhlaender has also participated in weightlifting competitions. The 2012 U.S. Olympic trials was just the third meet of her weightlifting career, but she did not make the team. Discovering that her hip had ossified (there was no soft tissue) and her ankle had a hole in it, she took the 2014-15 season off from skeleton and gave up on weightlifting to get healthy. She Participated in track cycling, attempting to be a starter in the women's team sprint. She posted her best one-lap time of 20.7 at senior nationals in 2015.


- She owns beef cattle. Eat beef!


  • 2006 Olympic Winter Games - 6th
  • 2010 Olympic Winter Games - 11th
  • 2006 Olympic Winter Games - 6th


  • 2013-2014 World Cup -12th in Calgary (11/13), 14th in Park City (12/13), 14th in Lake Placid #1 (12/13),9th in Lake Placid #2 (12/13), DNS Winterberg (1/14), 6th in St. Moritz (1/14), 12th in Igls (1/14), 11th in Koenigssee (1/14)
  • 2012-2013 World Cup -5th in Lake Placid (11/12), GOLD in Park City (11/12), 7th in Whistler (11/12), 21st in Winterberg (12/12), 5th Team Event in Winterberg (12/12), GOLD in La Plagne (12/12), SILVER Altenberg (1/13), 9th in Konigssee (1/13), 10th in Igls (1/13), BRONZE Team Event in Igls (1/13), 8th Team Event at World Championships in St. Moritz, 7th at World Championships in St. Moritz (1/13), SILVER in Sochi (2/13)
  • 2012 World Champion in Lake Placid, NY (2/12)
  • 6th overall in 2011-2012 World Cup -DNS Igls (12/11), BRONZE in La Plagne (12/11), 5th in Winterberg (12/11), 6th in Altenberg (1/12), 5th in Koenigssee (1/12), 13th in St. Moritz (1/12), 8th in Calgary (1/12)
  • 2011-2012 Intercontinental Cup -BRONZE in Calgary #1 (2/12), 6th in Calgary #2 (2/12) 
  • SILVER at 2011 National Championships
  • 24th overall in 2010-2011 World Cup -5th in St. Moritz (1/11), 10th in Cesana (1/11)
  • 9th in Koenigssee World Championships (2/11)
  • 2010-2011 Intercontinental Cup -6th in La Plagne #1 (12/10), 7th in La Plagne #2 (12/10), BRONZE in Whistler #1 (1/11), 5th in Whistler #2 (1/11) 
  • 7th overall in 2009-2010 World Cup -7th in Park City (11/09), 12th in Lake Placid (11/09), 5th in Cesana (12/09), 12th in Winterberg (12/09), 13th in Altenberg (12/09), 7th in Konigssee (1/10), 6th in St. Moritz (1/10), 8th in Igls (1/10)
  • 3rd overall in 2008-2009 World Cup -4th in Winterberg (11/08), 4th in Altenberg (12/08), 5th in Igls (12/08), 11th in Konigssee (1/09) 6th in St. Moritz (1/09), 4th at Whistler (2/09), 5th in Park City #1 (2/09), SILVER in Park City #2 (2/09)
  • 7th at World Champsionships in Lake Placid (2/09)
  • 2008 World Cup Champion 

    -7th in Calgary (11/07), SILVER in Park City (12/07), GOLD in Lake Placid (12/07), 4th in Cesana #1 (1/08), GOLD in Cesana #2 (1/08), GOLD in St. Moritz (1/08), GOLD in Königssee (2/08), BRONZE at Winterberg (2/08) 
  • 2nd at World Championshipsin in Altenberg, Germany (2/08)
  • 2007-2008 World Cup Champion -GOLD in Calgary (11/06), GOLD in Park City (12/06), GOLD in Lake Placid (12/06), GOLD in Nagano (01/07), SILVER in Igls (01/07), 5th in Cesana Pariol (02/07), GOLD in Winterberg (02/07), 6th in Königssee (02/07) 
  • 3rd at World Championships in St. Moritz, Switzerland (01/07)
  • 2007 National Champion in Park City (01/07)
  • 4th place overall in 2005-2006 World Cup -3rd in Calgary (11/05), 3rd in Lake Placid (11/05), 7th in Igls (12/05), 10th in Sigulda (12/05), 11th in Königssee (01/06), 9th in St. Moritz (01/06), 12th in Altenberg (01/06)
  • 2006 National Champion based on team trials rank
  • 6th place overall in 2004-2005 World Cup -6th in Winterberg (11/04), 4th in Altenberg (12/04), 7th in Igls (12/04), 4th in Sigulda (12/04), 12th in Cesana Pariol (01/05), 8th in St. Moritz (01/05), SILVER in Lake Placid (02/05),            
  • 7th at World Championships in Calgary, Canada (02/05)
  • 2004 America's Cup Champion -GOLD in Park City (12/03), GOLD in Calgary (12/03), SILVER in Lake Placid (01/04), SILVER in World Junior Championships (02/04)
  • 2004 National Champion in Lake Placid
  • 7th place in the 2003 Junior World Championships (02/03)
  • 2003 National and Junior National Champion in Lake Placid



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