Nickname: "2"
Weight: 138
Birthplace: Monterey Park, Calif.
High School: South Pasadena H.S. (South Pasadena, Calif.) '05
College: University of California Irvine '09
Major: Film and Media Studies 
Coaches: Master Alex Wang
Dojang: Chin Woo Quan Taekwondo Academy

Other Sports Played: tennis, soccer, basketball and swimming

filming/editing, taekwondo, tennis, working out, watching movies, photoshop, photography, soccer, ping pong, football, running and tricking

Favorite Foods: Japanese

Pre-Competition Meal: Nature Valley bars

Favorite Movie: "The Dark Knight"

Favorite Music: hip hop, pop and rap

Did You Know?: Alexander trained informally for two years in Wushu.

Quotable Alexander Twu: "I've been training taekwondo for 16 years now and do not know where I would be and what I'd be doing if I didn't have taekwondo in my life."


2014  USAT National Championships: Senior Male Freestyle Individual (1st Place)
           Freestyle Mixed Team (1st Place)
2012  USAT National Championships: Senior Male Individual (1st Place)
           Senior Pairs (1st Place)
           Senior Male Team (1st Place)

2011  USAT National Poomsae Team Member (1st Seniors)
USAT National Poomsae Team Trials (1st Seniors): 1st
California State Championship (1st Male Team): GOLD
USAT San Diego Qualifier (1st Senior Poomsae): GOLD

2010  USAT National Poomsae A Team Member (1st Pairs w/ Ophelia Ngai)
2010  USAT National Poomsae A Team Member (1st Senior)
(competed at World Championships in place of Nathan Chang)
USAT National Poomsae Team Trials (1st Pairs w/ Ophelia Ngai): 1st
2010  USAT National Poomsae Team Trials (1st Seniors Male): 3rd
2010  California State Championship (1st Pairs): GOLD
2010  California State Championship (1st Seniors): GOLD

2001  U.S. Open (poomsae): SILVER
2001  U.S. Open (sparring): BRONZE

1997  Junior Olympics (poomsae): GOLD
1997  Junior Olympics (sparring): BRONZE