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Tanner Tuohy

Roller Sports



Team USA Years: 0

Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ

Current residence: Providence, RI

When did you begin playing hockey: 7 years old

Current skating club/ Coaches name: Mission/Bauer Outcasts - Nick Boyarsky, Providence College-

Occupation, current employer:  Valet/ Four Seasons Resort-Scottsdale


High school attended: Brophy College Preparatory

Year of graduation: 2013

Location of high school: Phoenix, AZ

Sports you competed in while in high school (include number of years):

Varsity Ice Hockey 4 Years

Inline Hockey 4 Years

College attended: Providence College

Year of graduation: 2017

Degree/major: Business Management

Sports you competed in while in college (include number of years):  Club Ice Hockey ACHA DII


Life Goals: Graduate from college, acquire a well-paying job, and have a dog named Ferda.

Career goals: Manage a financial investment firm

Future goals you hope to obtain as a hockey player: Play inline and ice hockey as long as my body allows me to.


Favorite sports figure: Shane Doan

Favorite food before a competition: My mother’s pasta

Favorite movie: Miracle

Favorite place to shop: Ralph Lauren/ Sperry

Favorite music to listen to during training or competition: Ska-Punk

Favorite possession: 2012 State Championship Ring

Favorite hobbies: Ice Hockey, Roller Hockey, Traveling,

If you could pick one word to describe you, what would it be: Savvy

What makes you a unique and special person: Originally from Arizona, and attending college in Rhode Island, I see myself as a unique person who is willing to take chances and is able to adapt to new surroundings and lifestyles.

Who is the person you most admire/greatest influence in your life and why: I am not able to pin-point a single person who is the greatest influence in my life. As a whole I would say my family: my brother, my mother and my father.  They all have shown support for every decision I have made in my life.


Father’s name:  Tom Tuohy

Father’s occupation: Attorney

Mother’s name: Joyce Tuohy

Mother’s occupation: Attorney

Brothers: Tommy Tuohy (22)

Family Members Who Have Competed or Are Competing in Amateur or Professional Athletics: Tommy Tuohy (Brother)