Nicholas Stauffer

USA Roller Sports

Nicholas Stauffer


Team USA Years:    This is my first year to play on the USA Team.

Hometown:    Tyler, TX

Current residence:    Bridgeport, TX

When did you begin playing hockey:    I began playing hockey approximately 4 years ago.

Current skating club/ Coaches name:     Decatur Hockey Club/Don Allen


High school attended:    Bridgeport High School

Year of graduation:    2016

Location of high school:    Bridgeport, TX

Sports you competed in while in high school (include number of years):   Basketball for 2 years so far.


Other awards, honors, and statistics in hockey:    2013 Goalie of the Year at Nationals, 2nd place medal for junior division at 2013 Nationals, and a 3rd place medal for freshmen division at 2013 Nationals

Other sports you currently participate in:   Basketball


Life Goals:    Become a successful athletic trainer and raise a family.

Career goals:    I want to become an athletic trainer for a high school or college.

Future goals you hope to obtain as a hockey player:     I want to become a pro rink hockey goalie.


Favorite sports figure:    Kevin Durant

Favorite food before a competition:    Lasagna

Favorite movie:    Fast & Furious Series

Favorite place to shop:    Academy

Favorite music to listen to during training or competition:    Rap

Favorite possession:    My Hockey Equipment

Favorite hobbies:    Playing hockey and basketball.

If you could pick one word to describe you, what would it be:    Athletic

What makes you a unique and special person:    I’m very athletic and smart.



Father’s name:     Tim Stauffer

Mother’s name:      Tammy Johnson

Mother’s occupation:     Office Management for Alliance Rental Center

Brothers:     Brendon Johnson, Dylan Coke, Christian Coke