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Casey Smith


Personal Data

Hometown: Winthrop, Washington

High school: Liberty Bell high school

College: Montana State University

Height: 6' 0” Weight: 180lbs

Current Location: Fort Kent, Maine

Hobbies: backcountry skiing, snowmobiling, mountain biking, backpacking

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I could not live without… fresh powder snow

My favorite place in the world is… Harts Pass, Washington

My dream vacation spot is… a small tropical island

When traveling, the thing I miss the most is… cooking food for myself

My favorite meal is… bbq lamb roast with sauteed peppers and onions

I never leave my house without… shoes on my feet

If I were not an athlete, I would be… a farmer

More on Casey:

Casey was born and raised in Winthrop a small town on the east slope of the North Cascades mountains in North Central Washington. He started skiing as soon as I could walk, mostly on alpine skis at first but eventually shifted to more nordic skiing because he could ski right out his back door. His mom got him started in biathlon when he was 10 years old to keep his interest in skiing. Casey continued biathlon and skiing through high school but his main focus was on skiing and doing well at Junior Nationals. Casey's senior year of high school he qualified to compete in the Youth World Championships where he traveled to Sweden to represent the United States. After high school he moved to Montana where he attended Montana State University and was part of the NCAA ski team. After Casey's first semester he realized that he could have lots of success as a biathlete and so he became a full time athlete. Since then he has been both a student athlete and full time athlete. He is now a member of the US Biathlon National B-Team and Craftsbury Green Team living and training in Craftsbury, Vermont.


Biathlon since:

Member of National Team since: 2014

Skis: Madshus

Poles: Madshus

Boots: Madshus

Club: Craftsbury Green Team

Coaches: Pepa Miloucheva, Sam Dougherty, Margaret Waechter

Top Results

2015 Continental Championships (Otepaa, EST) IN-61, SP-68

2014 Open European Championships Nove Mesto IN-22 SP-30

2014 IBU Cup Ridnaun SP-44 SP-45

2014 US Nationals Vermont IN-2 SP-2 MS-3

2014 US IBU Cup Trials SP-1 SP-2 MS-2 SP-2

2013 World Junior Championships Obertilliach SP-43 PU-23

2013 US Nationals Maine SP-1 PU-1 MS-1

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