Event: Fencing - Men's Foil
Birthdate: 10/19/1990
Birthplace: Dallas, Texas
Hometown: Garland, Texas
Height / Weight: 6' 1" / 155 lbs
High School: Winfree Academy, Richardson, TX
College: University of Texas at Dallas
Major: Biology
Club: New York Athletic Club
Coach: Vladimar Vefima

Career Results:
2008-2009 - Two-time U.S. National Junior Team member.
2009 - Junior World Championship, Team gold medal.


Zain was originally a hockey player and came to fencing at age 14... He is a member of the first ever Gold Medal winning Mens Foil Team at the 2008 Junior World Championships in Catania, Italy... When not fencing, Zain enjoys being a Cowboy... He takes part in Wrangler duties at ranches and helps out on trail rides with horses... Zain speaks Arabic as a second language... His favorite music is Techno and Country... Other extra activities include lap swimming and being a die-heart Dallas Cowboys fan.

Hobbies: Being outdoors, working on the ranch, and dancing.  Participated in ice hockey as a child and scored a club record of 52 goals.

How did you start fencing?
His sister started fencing classes and Zain shortly followed.  Zain has five sisters who help keep him focused on his training.
What is something people would be surprised to know?
He bought a goat for his parent's anniversary one year.  It was returned to the animal shelter the next day.