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Sanaz Shahbazi


Sanaz Shahbazi

Height: 5-10
Weight: 134 pounds
Birthplace: Tehran, Iran
Residence: Colorado Springs, Colo.
College: AMU
Coach: Troy Garr 

WTF World Rankings on 9/1/14: 35th (-67kg)

Began Taekwondo at age 6 in 1988 under Mr. Ernie Reyes Sr. in San Jose, Calif. 4th Dan Black Belt. Consistent trophy and medal winner in forms, creative forms and breaking competition. 1999 USTU forms and breaking national champion. From 1988-92, competed in NASKA open style point tournaments, but switched to Olympic taekwondo competition for more challenge. Studied gymnastics from 1990-96. Also trains in other martial arts such as judo, wrestling, submission fighting, boxing, and kickboxing with Frank Shamrock and Javier Mendez. After Taekwondo, intends to pursue a career as a female kickboxer and/or submission fighter. Father, Ahmad, was 1966 World Champion in freestyle wrestling and a member of the 1968 Iranian Olympic Wrestling Team. In spare time, enjoys cross-training in other martial arts, gymnastics, swimming, watching movies, shopping and hanging out with friends.

Competition Record:

2014 Thailand Open Championships (Middle) GOLD
2014 Mexican Open Championships (Middle) GOLD                                                              

2014 Argentina Open Championships (Welter) BRONZE
2014 Australian Open Championships (Light) Quarterfinals
2014 U.S. National Championships (Light) GOLD
2014 U.S. National Team Trials (Middle) SILVER

2013 U.S. National World Cup Team (Light) 4th                                                                      

2013 U.S. National Team Trials (Middle) SILVER

2013 U.S. National Championships (Welter) BRONZE

2012 Pan American Championships (Welter) SILVER

2012 U.S. National Team Member (Welter) GOLD

2012  Olympic Trials - Phase 7 (-67kg): 4th

2011  World Taekwondo Championships (Light): Round of 32
          -def. Shahanaz Shahanaz Khatun (BAN) by DSQ in Round of 64
          -lost to Duong Nguyen Thi (VIE), 4-3, in Round of 32
2011  U.S. National Team Member (Light)
U.S. National Team Trials (Light): 1st

2012 Olympic Team Trials 1 (Bantam/Feather): 5th
2011 Pan Am Games Team Trials (Light/Welter): 2nd
2010  USAT National Championships (Light): GOLD
  USAT Colorado Springs National Qualifier (Light): GOLD
2010  U.S. Open (Light): SILVER

2009  USAT National Championships (Light): BRONZE
2009  San Jose National Qualifier (Welter): GOLD
2009  U.S. National Team Trials (Middle): 3rd
2009  National Team Qualifier (Welter): 2nd 

2008  U.S. Senior Nationals (Middle): SILVER
2008  Collegiate World Trials (Middle): 1st
2008  Collegiate Nationals (Middle): SILVER
2008  Fresno National Qualifier (Middle): GOLD

2007  U.S. Senior Nationals (Middle): SILVER

2006  National Collegiate Championships (Middle): GOLD
2006  Sr. National Team Trials (Middle): 1st

2005  U.S. Senior Nationals (Middle): BRONZE
2005  World Team Member

2004  World Olympic Qual. (Welter)
2004  Asian Olympic Qual. (Welter): SEMIS
2004  Tekno ECO (Welter): GOLD
2004  AAU Nationals (Middle): GOLD
2004  AAU Team Trials (Welter): GOLD
2004  Senior Nationals (Middle): GOLD
2004  Sardinia Open (Middle): GOLD

2003  Titan Games (Heavy): GOLD
2003  U.S. Open (Welter): GOLD
2003  U.S. Open (Middle): SILVER
2003  U.S. Open (Light): QUARTERS
2003  Pan Am Qual. (Heavy): GOLD
2003  Pan Am Team Trials (Heavy): GOLD
2003  Senior Nationals (Welter): GOLD
2003  U.S. National Team Trials (Middle): GOLD
2003  Pan Am Games (Heavy): BRONZE
2003  World Championships (Middle): QUARTERS
2003  Korea Open (Light): GOLD

2002  U.S. Open (Feather): BRONZE
2002  Dutch Open (Middle): GOLD
2002  Collegiate Team Trials (Middle): GOLD
2002  Korea Open (Welter): GOLD
2002  Senior Nationals (Light): GOLD
2002  World University Championships (Middle): GOLD
2002  World Cup (Middle): QUARTERS
2002  U.S. National Team Trials (Middle): GOLD
2002  Pan Am Championships (Middle): SILVER
2002  Brussels Indoor (Middle): GOLD

2001  U.S. Open (Middle): GOLD
2001  World Cup (Middle): BRONZE
2001  U.S. National Team Trials (Middle): GOLD
2001  Diamond Nationals (Light): BRONZE

2000  Collegiate Team Trials (Middle): GOLD
2000  U.S. Open (Middle): GOLD
2000  World University Championships (Middle): SILVER
2000  Senior Nationals (Middle): GOLD
2000  U.S. National Team Trials (Middle): GOLD
2000  Pan Am Championships (Middle): GOLD

1999  U.S. Open (Feather): GOLD
1999  Senior Nationals (Feather): SILVER
1999  U.S. National Team Trials (Feather): SILVER
1999  Junior Olympics (Lt. Middle): GOLD
1999  Collegiate Nationals (Middle): BRONZE

1998  U.S. Open (Jr. Feather): GOLD
1998  Belgium Open (Welter): SILVER
1998  Junior Olympics (Lt. Middle): GOLD

1997  Junior Olympics (Feather): GOLD
1997  U.S. National Team Trials (Bantam): BRONZE

1996  U.S. Open (Jr. Bantam): SILVER
1996  U.S. Open (Bantam): SILVER
1996  Senior Nationals (Bantam): GOLD
1996  U.S. National Team Trials (Bantam): SILVER

1994  Junior Olympics (Jr. Bantam): GOLD
1994  U.S. Open (Jr. Fin): SILVER

1993  Junior Olympics (Jr. Fin): GOLD

1992  Junior Olympics (Jr. Fin): GOLD

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