Team: 2015 US National Para Junior Table Tennis Team

Home Club: Davison Athletic Club

Equipment: Donic Persson Power Play Blade with Barracuda 2.0 rubber

Coach: Jon Bosika

How long have you been playing?
6 years for fun.  14 months competitively.

How did you get involved in the sport?
My dad plays for fun, so we have had a table for as long as I can remember. My dad, two brothers, and I have very competitive matches at home.

Your best victory or tournament? Highest Rating to date?
2nd place U1650 at the Division at the Davison Athletic Club March 2015 Open Tournament. Competed in the Romanian Para Open, Spanish Para Open  and Copa Costa Rica Para Open, the US Open and several others in 2014. Current rating is 1599.

What are your Goals in the sport?
My goal is to play in the Paralympics and be named to the US National Para Team.

Describe your game or playing philosophy.
I try to play offensively, utilizing my athleticism and power to throw off my opponent.